Essential cuts 30% of its workforce

Yordan, 18 October 2018

Essential canceled its PH-2 smartphone back in May and now the company is cutting 30% of its staff, according to Bloomberg. The reductions will affect all divisions, including hardware, marketing, and sales. The business media reported earlier Essential is switching its focus to an AI-based smartphone.

Is Essential falling apart?

Essential’s website states there are 120 employees at the Palo Alto company. A spokesperson wrote in an email that “they are very sorry for the impact on the colleagues” and “the sharpened product focus will help deliver a truly game-changing consumer product.”

The layoffs should not be an issue for the current Essential PH-1 owners and their monthly updates. The phone was among the first to receive Android Pie, although recent clearance sales suggested it's days of availability are numbered.



Reader comments

I got that. But at the current price they're selling, they just try to cut their losses. I mean, the price of course is great for a customer, but You can't ask for someone to give something away that costs less than everything that lead to it's creat...

Yeah, I said that essential made a mistake on their pricing. It was overpriced. Meant to say that their current price is pretty good, regardless of the reason behind it.

  • Anonymous

Android has at least 20 apps that are as good or better than facetime.