Essential PH-2 might come with an under-display selfie camera

Sagar, 07 February 2019

Android creator Andy Rubin's Essential launched its first phone, the Essential PH-1, back in May 2017. The smartphone came with nice specs but failed to bring in enough money to keep the company afloat. But it seems its successor, the Essential PH-2, will be an interesting phone that may do better than the PH-1.

According to the latest report, the Essential PH-2 will come with a selfie camera that will be placed behind the display. That would enable the PH-2 to have an all-screen front fascia devoid of a notch.

The camera behind the display will be accompanied by a light sensor, and the display will become translucent when you activate the front camera. It's currently unclear whether Essential will go with an OLED panel or an LCD one on the PH-2.

A sketch from Essential has also surfaced online which shows a phone with a camera in the display as well as a fingerprint sensor placed under the display. Fingers crossed that they can pull it off.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

I'd be quite happy for essential to release a phone which looks like the first one but with improved radio, camera and processor. It's all that's need imo.

And that'll be like 10 ppl? or what... Get another phone then. Or embrace the future :)

  • Anonymous

is it come with bad grammar?