Essential PH-2 might come with an under-display selfie camera

07 February 2019
The display will reportedly turn translucent when you activate the selfie camera.

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  • Anonymous

Norpan, 12 Apr 2019And that'll be like 10 ppl? or what... Get another phone th... moreI'd be quite happy for essential to release a phone which looks like the first one but with improved radio, camera and processor. It's all that's need imo.

And that'll be like 10 ppl? or what... Get another phone then. Or embrace the future :)

  • Anonymous

faiya, 14 Feb 2019is it come with a bigger it come with bad grammar?

  • faiya

is it come with a bigger screen.

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2019No, the problem was it lacked all the essentials. No 3.5mm ... moreWell, you people that just gotta have a headphone jack, removable battery, ext SD card are pretty much out of luck.

  • Ashish

I thought essential was dead

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2019The PH1 was hugely underrated, what hurt it was the RRP pri... moreWell that and even if it was competitively priced, international markets' availability were also close to none. I mean here in SEA region it wasn't direct but a 3rd chan import. So you can roughly guess ehat was the end total price in that situation. Suffice to say, not worth it to offset the flawed cam.

  • Anonymous

The success of this phone depends on the price

Sinedd, 08 Feb 2019Samsung wouldn't be drilling holes in their oleds if they c... moreI think heavy postprocessing would be ok here. It's not the main camera, so it doesn't really need to have a very high quality. It's mostly used for quick selfies, or video calling which gets compressed anyway. The main camera is meant for high quality photos.

Samsung wouldn't be drilling holes in their oleds if they could make them transparent and i doubt any other oled manufacturer will be the first to make an oled with high enough transparency. Either essential will use some heavy postprocessing to try make the pictures passable or nothing will come of this

  • Anonymous

The PH1 was hugely underrated, what hurt it was the RRP price being flagship level but the camera being sub par. Everything else about the phone , software support included is brilliant. If the PH2 can deliver flagship level camera performance like Huawei, Samsung Google and Apple it can become a truely mainstream brand and will be competitive. If it can do so while undercutting Pixel and Samsung lineup it will sell like hotcakes.

That's quite awesome, and surprising! I knew that under the display front cameras are the future, but I thought it would be years before they happen, especially since display hole cameras are only just beginning to appear.

Shanti Dope, 08 Feb 2019Ikr! The Galaxy S10 devices are just around the corner!Hope you're sarcastic. The S10 will have a hole on the display. This design won't have a freaking hole. Big difference!

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2019Another flop incoming lolIkr! The Galaxy S10 devices are just around the corner!

LEEDAQ, 07 Feb 2019I smell failure Where??
I don't see any Galaxy S10 devices around here eh...

  • Anonymous

ivanfield, 08 Feb 2019PH-1 was ahead of its time. They should do a better job thi... moreLOL right, they should remove the battery next time, it will be another "great innovation".

  • dfgg

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2019Semitransparent is not transparent so you are forced to edi... moretake it to an apple store, they will give you a free iPhone XR for free since they cant sell phones, too many on the shelf

PH-1 was ahead of its time. They should do a better job this time around if they can manage the hardware problems.

Noel, 08 Feb 2019I liked the first Essential phone but i thought it needed a... moreand life too?
You need to realize that every phone company thinks of making a mainstream phone (which is liked by all) and for all that you've desired to get incorporated, there would be a justifiable price hike. You can get all this (minus some) with S9+ or S10 series but then they will come with a hefty price tag.

  • Anonymous

It'll be another flop not because of the phone itself but the launch price. If you expect the sequel with new/more expensive tech to cost less than the original then you're simply naive.