EU Commissioner wants Apple to open its ecosystem to competitors

Yordan, 27 September 2023

The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, introduced the Digital Markets Act (DMA) to ensure a higher degree of competition by preventing large companies from abusing their market power. One of the targeted companies is Apple, and according to Reuters, Commissioner of Internal Market Thierry Breton told Tim Cook he needs to open the ecosystem to competitors.

Apple HQ in Europe, based in Cork, Republic of Ireland Apple HQ in Europe, based in Cork, Republic of Ireland

Breton revealed he met the Apple CEO in Brussels and told him Apple should allow iPhone users to benefit from competitive services, be it electronic wallets, browsers or app stores. One of the counter-arguments Cook used was that it might compromise security and privacy, but the EU chief added DMA fosters innovation without jeopardizing either of these.

So far, six companies have been designated as gatekeepers that need their digital products and services adapted to the Act – Alphabet (owner of Google), Amazon, Apple, ByteDance (owner of TikTok), Meta (owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp), and Microsoft.

Gatekeepers, according to the European Commission Gatekeepers, according to the European Commission

According to the European Commission's website, the DMA wants gatekeepers to allow third parties to inter-operate within the companies' own services, allow business users to access data generated by them, and allow businesses to conclude contracts and deals outside the platform.



Reader comments

EU is so anti-competitive that they want these companies to take away their own competitive edges. I use Google to search but get Bing results. I use WhatsApp to message a Signal user. Android apps on iPhones. Make it make sense.

  • Horace
  • 27 Oct 2023
  • XBA

Nobody is talking about why you need internet to activate iphone on first glance of operation. Still activation lock was put there on purpose to limit second user or ease of device trade after relatives pass on. Literally when the phone gets too ...

  • XSTM
  • 06 Oct 2023
  • 0mL

Just because you can drive over thorny bush doesn't mean you should. Most people with common sense won't, same way, just because you can install apps from stores like fdroid doesn't mean that you go ahead anf download any random APK fr...

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