Fully-loaded Galaxy S10+ will cost €1,600, base Galaxy S10 Lite half that

Peter, 22 January 2019

A report from Italy on the Samsung Galaxy S10 prices confirms the British prices we saw over a month ago. Long story short, you can spend €780 for the base model or twice as much for the fully-loaded model (with 4G connectivity, the 5G phones will likely cost even more).

Here’s the rundown:

Galaxy S10 Lite Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10+
512GB - 8GB RAM
1TB - - 12GB RAM

Note that the RAM and storage capacity are tied – that is if you want more storage, you have to get more RAM too. That makes the jump between memory tiers a salty €250. Good thing that Samsung will preserve the microSD slot.

Anyway, these are essentially identical to the British prices with some fluctuation in the euro/pound exchange rate. Costs in mainland Europe should be similar, though sometimes things get pricier in Germany and France – and especially in Scandinavia.

Here’s a list of expected color options. It seems that Green will join Black and White as a standard color, then the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S10+ will have extra versions – a youthful yellow for the Lite and two non-ceramic special versions for the S10+.

  • Galaxy S10 Lite: Black, White, Green + Yellow
  • Galaxy S10: Black White, Green
  • Galaxy S10+: Black, White, Green + 2 special versions

The Samsung Galaxy S10 trio will be unveiled on February 20 and should be in stores on March 8.

Source (in Italian)


Reader comments

There's literally no reason to get the Note 9 Over S10 or S10+ except for the pen since they all come with the new SoC which makes a difference in raw performance, and battery life will be better due to 8nm arquitecture.

  • cycy

lets be honest wireless charging is an extra that adds little to no benefit than wired charging. why add it unless it add a huge benefit in convenience. if itoffers not much value add it for without increasing cost.

Way much overpriced. I'm sure they will much decease price after 4 months when see that not many peoples are celebrating theirs 10th anniversary. But at that time the "fans" will have View 20, Mate 20 X, or Note 9 (if dont have yet).