Fully-loaded Galaxy S10+ will cost €1,600, base Galaxy S10 Lite half that

22 January 2019
A report on Italian prices lines up with the leaked British prices from December.

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davk, 05 Feb 2019Way much overpriced. I'm sure they will much decease price ... moreThere's literally no reason to get the Note 9 Over S10 or S10+ except for the pen since they all come with the new SoC which makes a difference in raw performance, and battery life will be better due to 8nm arquitecture.

  • cycy

lets be honest wireless charging is an extra that adds little to no benefit than wired charging. why add it unless it add a huge benefit in convenience. if itoffers not much value add it for without increasing cost.

Way much overpriced. I'm sure they will much decease price after 4 months when see that not many peoples are celebrating theirs 10th anniversary.
But at that time the "fans" will have View 20, Mate 20 X, or Note 9 (if dont have yet).

  • Anonymous

i agree that phone prices these days are way to high. But why is everyone keep focusing only on the most expensive one?? Most of you talking about the 1600 euro S10+ when the S10+ with 128 gb is 1050 euros.. Not that 1050 is cheap just saying that the 1600 is the top model with 1 TB storage.

  • Punisher

Hahaha 1600 for a phone even iphone xs max. That is just crazy but i did spend huge amount and top of the line ones and never again. It was an impuls. But hey i was first in the world who got it. 2 weeks before world release i got it. I think they screwed something shipping out so early. But i can say i did spend that much on a phone once just for the argument but will not do that anymore. I have no clue what phone should look like or do for that kind of money. That technology doesnt even exist. Ok we got bezeless phones, in screen fingerprint, 4 - 6 cameras, ois, eis, amoled, hybrids, dual sims, tripple sims, 5000mah batteries. 40w chargers, projectors. So whats next. Foldable phones. No thank you. If phone can cook me a dinner or read my mind and set my coffee when i get home and set desire temperature at my home. Open and read my post mails etc then i can spend that much cash. But that is almost impossible. Whats next in techonology to justify any pricing what so ever?

  • Anonymous

Price to fail,,,, better value available

The EU needs to charge Samsung with price gouging!

Anyway, S10 series will fail miserably. Even iPhones failed with high prices.

  • Anonymous

Samsung can have all my nopes.

Once upon a time the average computer costed more than a phone. Now a phone cost more than a average computer.

It seems big companies realized that people can't be compelled to change their phone fast enough so instead of trying to sell their phone to as many people as possible, they just want to maximize profit per unit, which is a very sound strategy for them, but kinda painful for customers and in the long run I think it will lower their market share.

Meanwhile companies like Xiaomi keep growing steadily as they try to make phones for everybody, focusing on what people actually want and bringing good value more than anything.

ASmat Riaz, 23 Jan 2019At least Apple devices keep their resell value. This S10 wi... moreWell then you can buy S10 after 4 months and have better value for money in general, not just better resale value.....

  • anon1234321

wut da fuq, phones are now going beyond the $1k mark.....

With that price tag... China premium phone like P30/Mate30, Mi Mix 3 & One+ will took even bigger Samsung market share compared to last year..

  • Anonymous

Vegetaholic, 23 Jan 2019Nope S10+ will be not foldable. You pay for 1600 euros for ... moreThat is more than a mid to high range laptop. No deal.

  • Anonymous

Lol, Samsung has lost their mind like Apple did, thinking people will pay that much for a Droid phone.

  • Anonymous

The last Oracle, 22 Jan 2019I wish Samsung would have a loyalty program. For people who... moreThey don’t care about your wish

  • Neko

I got my S7 (the normal one with 32GB, Exynos model) for 500 euro after 16 months of its release, I got this one cause I wanted a flat 16:9 screen with pointy corners, so the S8, S8+ and S7 Edge weren't for me! This June my phone will close 2 years since I got it! I am thinking about buying the S10 E/Lite cause the 32GB of storage aren't enough(apps and games take a lot of storage these days) even though I have a 128GB microSD which I have it half filled but I don't want to put apps on it (I had a problem in the past, where my mothers phone for some reason couldn't read the original microSD{I tried a few other cards which I had and they worked just fine} and so we lost all the data. Recovery programs could read the card but not recover anything as the contend was encrypted). Anyway if the rumors are true, then the screen will be flat with 6GB LPDDR4x RAM & 128GB UFS 3.0 storage and even though I don't like it, I don't mind the phone having a 18:9(2:1) aspect ratio and rounded corners(but no notch) cause my spare phone is like that(Moto G6 Play Europe model).
So is the S10 E/Lite worth it? I yes I might get it after 1 year of its release, when it will be a lot cheaper OR if Samsung keeps the same strategie(S6 and S7 looked almost tha same and that also applies to S8 with with S9, so the new design will come with the S12? XD ) then I will wait for the S11 E/Lite!
*Sorry for my English, I'm not that good at writing/typing!

  • FaceGle

Johhnie, 23 Jan 2019If this is the real price of s10plus then I will not buy an... moreNo one is pushing you to buy S10.

  • ASmat Riaz

At least Apple devices keep their resell value. This S10 will cost half the price after 4 months.

Got me a note 9 for $360 usd 128gb internal storage on ebay, with just a little crack to the top left of the screen but it doesnt bother me, at the price it was it was a steal, am loving it