Fully-loaded Galaxy S10+ will cost €1,600, base Galaxy S10 Lite half that

22 January 2019
A report on Italian prices lines up with the leaked British prices from December.

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  • 123

lol iphone is cheaper :D

My God! They make iPhones look cheaper soon!

  • Bobby

Please Samsung please! white color with white front panel

  • Anonymous

hey look !! a huge dead pixel !! crapppp !!!

If those are the real prices or somewhere near real prices they are huge and they aren't even 5G . If they don't bring something good and new on the table then they can say bye bye to another customer , tired already of their way to update software on their flagships line , disgraceful.

Such a stupid place for the camera punch hole. Your top notification bar is going to be bigger than the 3XL.