Fully-loaded Galaxy S10+ will cost €1,600, base Galaxy S10 Lite half that

22 January 2019
A report on Italian prices lines up with the leaked British prices from December.

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  • Johhnie

If this is the real price of s10plus then I will not buy any Samsung phones anymore. Totally ridiculous pricing just like apple. Time to move on.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2019So S10+ will be the foldable phone and S10 lite the usual u... moreNope S10+ will be not foldable. You pay for 1600 euros for top memory model 1tb abd 12 gig Ram

Prices are ludicrous and reaches iphone levels. I am not sure there is a logical point anymore to take big brand flagship, they are not worth so much money. I am not sure if Samsung will sell alot considering Apple couldnt

Lots of high price articles, please include budget phone articles!

  • Anonymous

So S10+ will be the foldable phone and S10 lite the usual unfoldable phone.

1600 Haha,
Lenovo Z5 pro GT cost 1/4 of that price and is even faster.
Samsung can go nuts.

  • Anonymous

Crytek, 23 Jan 2019Well.... i can say only 1 thing: "What goes up... Must co... moreNokia was a different story, they just wanted to stick to Symbian and never thought that Android or Iphone will kill them

  • Anonymous

ToD, 23 Jan 2019And in 12 months with S11 coming, these phones will be sold... moretrue but if you need a great camera only the flagships have it. 1+1 is cheaper but camera is worth just what you pay for. BLACK FRIDAY is the best time to buy a phone

  • Anonymous

The S10 and S10+ will also have a front and back Gorilla 6 Glass.

S10 E will only have back Gorilla 6 glass

The above phones will come with 5 and 4 Camera professional photography will be available (wide angle lens 123 degrees) perfect to get everyone in the shot.

Hot of he shelf a foldable phone will be launched in Q3...

I will rather Buy a Gaming laptop or build my own custom PC and get a 200$ phone instead of spending it on a single device.

  • Smarty 😋


I will wait for Note rather than S*+.

  • Anonymous

gigim, 23 Jan 2019Samsung is trying to be more and more like Apple.Apple won't lose!!

*put €2000 price tag

  • Essen

Wasn't the Lite supposed to be a no frills, no holes, no notches flat screen with side FPS? Was looking forward to that.

Rex Tech, 22 Jan 2019Also.What's your pick guys. i7-8750H,1070 8gb,32 gb ram,Wi... morePC wise?
i7 8750h, 2x RTX2080TI 11GB, 32 GB ram, 2 TB storage. would satisfy me.

  • Anonymous

Very few people will buy top model. Such an ugly design with high price.


i want this phone asappppppppppppppppp
huge jump from sam

  • Anonymous

gigim, 23 Jan 2019Samsung is trying to be more and more like Apple.Not as much as Sony and Google

  • Anonymous

Adrianulus, 22 Jan 2019I really don't see the problem with the prices. I mean, you... moreYou clearly don't get the picture

  • Anonymous

Shak23, 23 Jan 2019Ummm Samsung tends to get slower than most flagship soo yea... moreYou've clearly never used any phone before