Games from HTC's Viveport store will soon support the Oculus Rift

Peter, 16 August 2018

Platform lock-in sucks – especially when talking about nascent platforms like VR where content is pretty limited to begin with. So, here’s some good news: HTC’s Viveport VR store will soon support the Oculus Rift headset.

The consumer launch is set for September 4, developers can start testing today. The support includes both purchased titles and ones rented via the Viveport Subscription. Games built with OpenVR should require no changes, which will help build up a wide selection of games for launch day.

Games from HTC's Viveport store will soon support the Oculus Rift

Like on Steam, icons will show at-a-glance compatibility info in the Viveport store. Currently, there are 1,200 titles on Gameport, 500 of which are available on the Subscription service (for $9 a month, you can play five titles a month).



Reader comments

They're afraid of loosing sales of the stand alone HTC vive that could potentially be lost if they made a competing product like phone that offers VR like Samsung. Also note that HTC VR division makes more money than it's smartphone division.

You know, I find it funny that HTC is amazing at VR, yet they haven't decided to make their own VR headset that works with their phones like Samsung

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