German court says Apple infringed on Qualcomm patents, issues sales ban

Ivan, 21 December 2018

Qualcomm won another legal battle against Apple, this time in Germany. According to a German court iPhone 7 and 8 models with Intel modems infringe on one Qualcomm patent.

The court issued a sales ban on said models until Apple is able to reverse the decision. However third-party retailers can still sell the violating iPhones.

According to a statement from Apple the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR don't infringe on Qualcomm's patent and will remain on shelves.

Meanwhile Qualcomm has been having success in banning iPhone X, 8 and older models in China over a different patent issue. The chip maker is aiming to disrupt iPhone XS and XR sales in China as well.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

The infringed patent is a method for envelope tracking; that's exactly what the Qorvo chip does - envelope tracking (n.b. _differently_ than Qualcomm). Using the Qorvo chip as intended was deemed non-infringing by both United States International Tr...

  • Hemant shah

Xs and xs max not good phone

  • Anonymous

Thank you Apple for $1000+ smartphones, thank you for the notch, thank you for sealed batteries, thank you for the removal of the headphone jack. This is your legacy, thank you!