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  • faz khan

AnonD-244145, 15 Apr 2014Video calling work r notYes verry clear

  • v.venkatesh kumar

otg not supding

  • v.kumar

otg not supatd

  • v.kumar

otg not supatd

  • Anonymous

otg usb not work

  • AnonD-244145

Video calling work r not

  • AnonD-61316

Hi frnd.. Thanks for ur review.. I just wanted to ask you about the.. Touch quality.. How's the touch quality of phone.. I read somewhere that it's not good.. Maybe in the comments I read it.. I want to buy it because of its monstrous battery.. And also tell me if it can play and record full hd 1080 p videos..? Currently I have the Sony xperia m c1904. But only supports 720p hd.. It can't play full hd1080 p vids... I use mx player.. And by software decoder Xperia m does play 1080p vids.. But it lags.. And sound also becomes choppy.. And can we move apps to external SD card... ? Plzz so reply to my queries... I really want to try this phone... Thanks in advance

  • Dev

AnonD-253614, 13 Apr 2014hi, i m really very confused between moto g and gionee m2...i wa... moreAs the price point of moto g is entry level - in this segment as far as specifications and performance wise it beats each and every other brand including chinese cheaper ones.

I can go into technicalities but the answear would be too long. remember it does not have expandable storage so if you need lots of stuff to carry around then do not consider it. Otherwise for everything else this is best value for money.

  • popai

camera, camera, camera how is it? and any better option than m2 in same price range( with up down of 2k allowance)(but with big battery and camera).. please reply

  • AnonD-225436

srinivas, 15 Apr 2014is vibrate mode working in GIONEE M2 MOBILE ?yes

  • Ramesh fro Bnglore

AnonD-225436, 15 Apr 2014I have been using this phone for one wk now. Here is the full ho... moreyou did great job.i have black gionee M2.plz tell me some good apps.i want automatic call recorder app when i make/recieve the calls.Any one....Also....

  • srinivas

is vibrate mode working in GIONEE M2 MOBILE ?

  • AnonD-225436

AnonD-247875, 15 Apr 2014Thanks for the detailed review. You elobrated each point very we... moreoh yes.... i missed that point....

  • Raj

AnonD-225436, 15 Apr 2014I have been using this phone for one wk now. Here is the full ho... moreHi

Thanks for the fantastic review i also purchased this phone 15 days back can u please tell me something about its anti virus software

  • AnonD-247875

AnonD-225436, 15 Apr 2014I have been using this phone for one wk now. Here is the full ho... moreThanks for the detailed review. You elobrated each point very well.

But 3G in not only on SIM 1, it can work on either SIM at once. I am using 3G on second SIM (Micro)

  • AnonD-225436

I have been using this phone for one wk now. Here is the full honest review of this phone. I will try to consider all the things you may want to know...

phone: gionee
model: m2
colour: white
box pack: phone, white colour charger, white colour data cable, 4200 mah battery, documentation, white colour in ear style earplug, two screen guard.
price (kolkata): rs.10300 (local shop)

build quality of those products:
1. phone : very solid and sturdy. and looks decent. there is no gap between back cover and phone. volume rocker and power button made by metal. tight fitting and a little bulging out. weight is 198 gm. a bit heavy. thickness is not that bad because of curvy edges. Back cover is milky white with mat finish.
2. Charger and data cable : average quality. Data cable is a bit short in length. There is no over hitting issue.
3. Screen guard : avg quality
4. Ear plug : in ear style. Not for music lover. Orientation is weird. One ear plug originate from main cord and another from different side . I am not comfortable with this style.

Phone review:
1. Display : does not looks like a cheap fvga phone with 480p resolution. It is quite bright and clear. Font is very sharp. You wont see any pixilation…but using a magnifying glass. All kind of high res wallpaper, live wallpaper, video wallpaper supported. Wireless display supported. Sunlight visibility is not so good as because of tft screen, But watchable.

2. Sensors : light sensor, accelerometer sensor, orientation sensor, proximity sensor, sound sensor and magnetic sensor are present. All are working.

3. Sim service : it is a dual sim handset . sim one is normal/mini sim , sim two is micro sim. 3g supported in sim slot one.

4. Launcher : this phone using amigo ui. So normal stock launcher is missing. You can add any kind of widgets in amigo default launcher… but if you try to use third party launcher like next launcher or go launcher etc, system widget wont work. You have to use widgets which is made for that particular launcher. Otherwise third party launcher will perform well. And default amigo launcher is also not that bad.

5. Pre-installed application: there is many preinstalled application. Some of them you can uninstall some are not uninstallable. I found Phone accelerate, power manager, file browser, app manager flash light, compass very useful. There is a antivirus nq mobile security, which is not premium and useless. You cannot uninstall this app but you can disable it. I disabled it and using an another antivirus, there is no problem so far

6. Browser and internet: as because of amigo ui, android stock browser is missing and uc browser is preinstalled as a default browser. Which is very good I would say. It supports desktop version and also mobile version of websites. It can play flash content within the website. You can install adobe flash player manually and it will work. You can install third party browser and use them as default browser. I installed boat browser and lightning browser along with uc and chrome. And found boat browser is amazing. Internet speed is very good. Wifi speed is mind blowing. You can see online videos without buffering (my isp is wishnet, 512 kbps ). 3g and 2g is also very good. You can off or on mobile data. And it is not operating automatically in any condition.

7. Storage and storage location: total space is 4gb. Phone storage capacity is 612 mb. And system installation capacity is 3.4 gb. You will get full 612 mb free as phone storage (for saving song photo videos) and 1.83 gb free as system storage (where you can install apps games etc). you can move apps to external sd card. But if you want some application will start automatically from boot, then you have to install those apps in phone memory. Same for widgets. It wont show widgets which are installed in sdcard. There is an option to select preferred storage selection. You can choose among sd card, phone storage and ‘let the phone decide’. Among these options I choose sd card as default install location. But it is not working correctly. Each time phone itself deciding where to intall. But it is not real problem, you can move apps very easily.

8. Camera: 8 mega pixel main camera is really good in day light. No issue there. You have to use flash in night for better clearance. Flash is good and powerful. I did not find and over light in flash mode. But I suggest to use zoom fx camera application for shooting. It supports auto macro mode. Pictures are very bright and noise free. Colour reproduction is also very good and natural. Front camera is 2 mega pixel but it is not above than a vga camera. Enough for video chatting in India, because of low bandwidth . it supports full hd video recording with 25 fps. You can use flash for video recording.

9. Sound: sound is good but don’t expect as dts or something like that. But it is loud enough. Using mx player for watching video will enhance the audio quality. It supports full hd video playing without any issue. But due to low resolution display, the full hd video does not look very crisp. Mp3 sound is also quite good. But there is a little problem… the main speaker is on the back side, so the sound will be muffled when you put it into a plain surface.

10. Call quality: call quality is really good. It does not has any secondary mic though.

11. Bluetooth handsfree : my blue tooth handsfree working well for calling. But for listening music, it does not support. I don’t know it will work with different Bluetooth set or not. But my this bt handfree worked well with nokia hand set.

12. Battery: it has a massive 4200 mah battery (removable). Actually the main usp of this phone is its battery. It is very large in size. At present it is giving 1.5 to 2 days of backup with this amount of usage - two hrs gaming (frontline commando, dead trigger, ninja fruit crasher, tample run), 2.5 rhs of online videos, music for 2hrs, net surfing for 3 to 4 hrs in wifi mode, ) . gionee service support team telling me that it will give more back up after 15 to 20 days.I suggest don’t turn on automatic brightness and full bright ness. And don’t play very high graphics game (if you love your mobile and want to lust).

13. Service center : gionee has a very good customer service base. There is list of customer service care within this package. But the interesting thing is I found an another service center at behala thakurpukur checkpost. But it is not listed there website or in paper. The cus.ser.exe. told me that gionee will upgrade there list within 6 mnths. Their behavior is very good and helpful. I went there just for checking with some silly question. But they replied very gently and upgrade my phone firmware ( I not even asked to do that) . they also told me that flip cover will be available their center from 25th april.

14. Conclusion:

No conclusion here…… I am not working with gionee or something like that. Read the review carefully and decide yourself.

  • sri..

Rajat, 14 Apr 2014this phone is very smooth but it's touch and weight is no perfec... morewho told you that the touch is not working properly? did you used it? yes it is heavy because of its massive 4200 mah battery & the touch response is absolutely perfect.

  • sri..

Vinu, 14 Apr 2014Does it hang and what abt games like temple run do they work on ... moreno lag , no hang absolute smooth & fast mobile.Temple run , subway surfers, frontline commando, riptide gp2 running very smoothly.

  • sri..

chiranjit, 12 Apr 2014is this mobile suported full HD videoyes. it can also records in 1080 p.

  • Anonymous

Arihant, 14 Apr 2014hey guys , i like the m2 , but the company says the mobile has n... morewhat do u mean by "non-interchangeable"? the battery is removable!!!