Gionee Marathon M5

Gionee Marathon M5

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Hi, i currently use M2 & i'm luving it...
Q: Jst wnt 2 confirm if d battery is removable. Didn't buy d M3 cos of dt....... but wouldn't want 2 miss out on dt beastof a battery.
WAAAAAT. !!!!!! 6020mAh !!!!!!! Big ups Gionee fam


watz d pr1ce of d fone

  • AnonD-405407

Battery is gud. Nd 2nd thing is camera tht is bit gud. Bt rest of all configuration is same

  • Zanwahid


  • ronnie

AnonD-30846, 28 May 2015I like the dual battery idea..It's innovative. By the way.....F... moreoh... first comment, wow, excellent, i cant believe it, very good, keep it up, u r amazing, good job, lolz.


dis device has bt only gud ba3 oda specs do not worth de price of de fone
y still quad core and 1.3 processor

de price too much shaa

  • lok

Only the battery matters in m5 marathon
All other specs are very poor when compared with a 10k phone like micromax yureka etc

  • somnath

Please add otg cable to this phone

  • jahmmotog

chandrajit, 08 Jun 2015But it's processer only 1.3ghz the amount of ghz doesnt matter if the architecture is not advanced...u may have a 800 ghz device with a better performance than a 1.2 ghz for g is a good example.get a moto g man.

  • jahmmotog

irfan, 09 Jun 2015What are updates Lollipopwel updates are made by each company..gets better ut device.much more functional,i like the device but ill stick with moto g

  • irfan

What are updates Lollipop

  • chandrajit

But it's processer only 1.3ghz

  • Prolay

Where is Marathon M4..???

  • pc

please gionee add otg to this phone

  • Da"pimper

Great....I'm definitely goinq 4 it....

Force Majeure, 28 May 2015Very nice idea with dual batteries, just a shame about the poor ... moreI totally agree with you all the way this should have gotten at least a 5 inch screen with that super battery tech then they shouldve and also bump up the CPU 2 at least a Snapdragon 410 which wouldn't cost very much in these times and the best part give it the LTE band for America.

  • Force Majeure

Very nice idea with dual batteries, just a shame about the poor SoC and 5'5" 720p, way too large screen.

  • bhavin


  • Anonymous

I hope the batteries are removable and doesnt take a day to fully charge

  • AnonD-30846

I like the dual battery idea..It's innovative.
By the way.....First Comment