Gionee Marathon M5

Gionee Marathon M5

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  • mishu

vivek, 22 Jul 2015which other phones has such good battery such as M52 smartphones are coming with such a huge battery. One is Doogee S6000, it will have 6000 MAh battery. And another one is Oukitel K10000, it will have a record breaking 10000 MAh battery. Both are from china .... Thanks !!

  • vivek

which other phones has such good battery such as M5

  • Mr brown

Merjosh, 14 Jul 2015Please you gat to reduce the price!Price issue

  • Muhsin

Nice specs ☺
how much is this device worth? in $

  • Wiz

Michael. U said gionee is strong, how do u rival infinix octo-core 32GB a 2/10 price with gionee quad-core 8GB or their new sudo 16GB at a 5 or 7/10 price. Infinix is still better spec,price and performance wise. Gionee should wake and also adjust their monstrious price range. If you use infinix hotnote or infinix Zero2 u will understand what i mean.

  • AnonD-417952

wiz, 14 Jul 2015Infinix mobile has already been producing 32GB memory phone... moreWiz.... How can you compare Infinix brands to Gionee.
Gionee takes time to build a nice durable device..... Their devices is always strong and mighty except that of ELIFE series.

  • AnonD-417952

Gionee is always a nice product especially the M marathons series. But if they fail to amend the price which they have placed this particular M5, they will loose lots of fans here in Africa especially in Nigeria which I will be inclusive. Thank you GIONEE for this wonderful announced device, my advice is that you guys should listen to the opinions of your fans round the globe and see what you can do about the issue of price adjustments because that's the main issue on ground. Thanks.

  • wiz

Infinix mobile has already been producing 32GB memory phones and you are here jumping at a sudo 16GB which is not even complete

  • Merjosh

Please you gat to reduce the price!

  • chinenye Edith smart

Yes gionee product is fin expecially their camera is always ok


please how can i get the m5 to buy ?

  • sir Murphy

Gionee m5 is nice but the price of the phone is to high

  • Appu

susanth, 30 Jun 2015it is good phone but no nfc connectivity.price is soo high Yeah correct iam using this mobile so i not satisfied with this mobile and it's true it's very expensive mobile

  • Appu

But athis phone is always nice but they specification is very low and performance is low it not correctly standing the battery


am into dis fone only becos of de Marathon 6020mah ba3
infinix hot note pro has a very nice spec in such a nice price
gionee product is too costly

  • pc

this phone cost almost 400 dollars which is very expensive when it compared with other phones that are of thesame range.I suggested that gionee should think about that before they will sell it thanks.

  • Sir Respect

Please the price is our concern now. We need the price more than we need tbe phone pls

  • merjosh

1.5GHZ Quad Core would have done it well, price not known yet!

  • AnonD-412082

I am currently using Gionee M3 and the phone work perfectly well, but I wanna sell it to get Gionee M5, how much is Gionee M5?

  • susanth

it is good phone but no nfc connectivity.price is soo high