Gmail for Android is getting a dark mode

Vlad, 20 June 2019

2019 seems to be the darkest year in mobile OS history, if you count the fact that both Android and iOS are getting official system-wide dark themes. Not only that, but Google and Apple are also busy working on adding dark themes to all of their mobile apps.

The latest one to get the treatment is Gmail for Android, but don't pop the champagne just yet. It's still very much a work in progress, even though it is randomly showing up for people running the latest version of the app.

Dark Gmail Settings Dark Gmail Settings
Dark Gmail Settings

For now, the dark theme is only there in the Gmail app's Settings. You don't get it in the main window or the sidebar, unfortunately. Also, it seems to come on and off when it wants to, and you have no control over it because there's no toggle to enable or disable dark mode.

Hopefully Google is hard at work turning this into an actual full dark theme for Gmail, and will release that soon - or, at the latest, when Android Q comes out in August. It would be sad for Pixel owners to enable the system-wide dark theme and find built-in apps such as Gmail still not supporting it.



Reader comments

How dark mode Anabel to gmail

  • fizz

well done google its about time all they have to do now is dark mode for google browser

  • Anonymous

Dark mode should be not only mandatory, but the default setting. Not just for apps, but for notification cards and all other parts of the UI. More and more phones use AMOLED screens and this will save energy. It will also reduce the total number of c...

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