Google details incoming Ambient Mode in latest video

Enrique, 26 November 2019

Dubbed “Android’s proactive Google Assistant”, Ambient Mode is a new feature of Google Assistant headed to select Android devices on Android Oreo (8.0) and above. We’ve seen hints of an ambient interaction with Google Assistant back in July in earlier builds of the Google App.

Today, Google released a video that explained a little more about what Ambient Mode is. Arvind Chandrababu, Google Product Manager for Google Assistant, explains what the intent of the new mode is and some of the ways it can help get things done.

The ultimate goal for proactive Assistant is to help you get things done faster, anticipate your needs and accomplish your tasks as quickly and as easily as possible.

Apart from showing you your upcoming events and contextual weather information, you have quick access to smart devices, and you can create a custom wallpaper slideshow like on a Nest/Google Home display.

Ambient Mode is integrated into the Android OS, which suggests we might see Ambient Mode on devices from many different OEMs.

The video doesn’t go into too much detail about the specific things you’ll be able to do with Ambient Mode, but the feature has been rolling out to Nokia and Xiaomi devices over the last couple of weeks or so.



Reader comments

Already on my xz1 compact since last week friday

  • mad823
  • 26 Nov 2019
  • mja

I already have it for a couple of days.

  • Dinkleberg
  • 26 Nov 2019
  • 7ki

I've been using ambient mode on my pocophone from last 5 days. It's very good. I hope I can enable it all the time not just while charging

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