Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 XL

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  • AnonD-684463

can't wait to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funky_D

Would love to buy this phone... But no sd card slot = no go for me... sorry Google

  • FrankNY

I'm in the US and can live without a dual SIM card slot, but Miracast is a must so that I can mirror whatever is on the phone's screen onto a Sony KDL-48W650D HDTV. Casting of videos from YouTube and such and Chrome browser tabs doesn't interest me, just Miracast mirroring of the full screen image. Also on my personal list of mandatory requirements is a microSDXC card slot, especially one that supports cards up to 256 GB or 512 GB in capacity. I really don't care if the phone is waterproof (IP whatever). Merely being splash proof and dust proof is good enough for me.

  • AnonD-683446

I've been waiting for a proper replacement for my Nexus 6 since Google stopped sending security updates at the beginning of this year. I'm enough of a Google purist that I'd rather use my still-awesome phone until it finally dies than have a phone that uses manufacturer software (S8 Note 7, etc). These specs remind me of, well, my Nexus 6, so I'm totally psyched!

  • Denis

Why 1 sim??????????????????????????????

  • AnonD-298805

"Splash and dust resistant" any idea if this will have an IP rating?

  • AnonD-441601

This phone is rumored so long i really dont believe it will ever be released.

  • 4GB RAM

4GB of Ram is ok, until 8GB arrives. The phone needs SD836 like the Note 8 not SD835, a 6" display, and no dual-tone paintwork.

And perhaps a trendy dual camera setup as well.

And better with a 6GB RAM as standard.

Hopefully it will include an SD card slot, small as possible bezels (& D opposite), big as possible battery.

  • edans

1/2.3 is relatively "large" sensor, so probably it will have a better camera than s8 and u11

  • Anonymous

Snickers, 17 Jun 2017Drop off the game we are not fighting android against Apple and ... moreSwitching from one carrier to another with one sim? Since when was that feature available to users worldwide apart from the very small percentage of US users? As for battery life, 4000mAh or larger should be the standard in phones this powerful and big. Anything less means prioritizing form (slim and thin profile) over function. Only Apple an get away with that because exterior design, appearance and brand prestige are Apple's main selling point. Any Android phone trying to use the same 'style-first, prestige-first' marketing strategy like what the Pixel is doing ('Phone by Google') is going to fail miserably and be perceived as a second rate trying hard copycat. Android phones should capitalize on their strength: functional and features superiority first, above looks and prestige. It's the only way an Android phone is going to earn the respect of iPhone users and hopefully bring some of them to the free, no-walls garden of Android. Google and other Android phone manufacturers need to learn a marketing lesson or two because they are doing it all wrong.

  • Snickers

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2017Another boring phone from Google, trying hard to be like Apple. ... moreDrop off the game we are not fighting android against Apple and Pixel is not claiming to be the best phone on the market over everything else.

Google have planned everything in the Pixel the way they want it. Why no dual sim you say, that,s because Google offer a network of network where their sim can switch from one carrier to the other WITH ONLY ONE SIM.

Battery life will be better than any other android phone coming with the progress of the android 8. Apple already did improve the battery life for the Iphone with less mAh. Why cannot you understand that others can also improve their own phone?
No. Just stop it and leave your comrade in peace

  • Rogers Agent

AnonD-617820, 13 Jun 2017Should have comes with 4000 mAh battery or more, considering its... moreSay that to the 2900 mAh battery (11.1 Wh) of the Iphone 7 plus 5.5 screen. .2 does not ask for 1100mAh more

  • Anonymous

I hope those bezels are not real
And with that size they shoul put min 4000mAh battery
Not to mention dual sim plzzz

Google why didnt do dual sim??

  • Blunder

Samwise , 13 Jun 2017Considering the quality of hardware, iPhone is way ahead compare... more''Minor problems compared to HTC '' lol. You never used a HTC did you ?

  • AnonD-617820

Should have comes with 4000 mAh battery or more, considering its 5.7 inch

  • Anonymous

Samwise , 13 Jun 2017Considering the quality of hardware, iPhone is way ahead compare... moreThe phone is just for use not for sale