Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3

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  • Anonymous

Near perfect features; 5.5" 1080p Oled screen with no notch, front dual speakers, IP rated, wireless charging, increased battery size, stock Android software, possibly amazing cameras with no stupid dual lens for fake bokeh (only LG v40 has the most logical multiple camera setup).

Only flaw is that doesn't have triple card slot (2 sim & dedicated microsd), that's pretty rare yet important especially for travellers & no headphone jack (although not a big deal for me personally)

Pixel 3 is one of the best phones to come from Android in a long while.

Perfect size!!!

  • nero

First... No notch, THANK GOD !!!
Second... 600 euros max. Take it or leave it. S9 for 550 still looks like a great option. Who knows, maybe even S9+ will drop to 600 soon.

  • Anonymous

Geeezuuus... no SD-slot, 2900mAh, a single camera on the back, for EUR 860... These phones are certainly over-priced for what you get.

  • Dahaka

Why people are complaining about Pixel series, it was never suppose to be a budget phone. And people are comparing with Samsung, and again saying the software update problem with Samsung. It is one's choice, which one you want to go. Stop complaining, cause it will be seen as whining as Pixel series is not getting cheaper.

  • Tommy

860 Euros??? You must be kidding me.
big G, I'll give you 500 Euros. Tops.

Zach, 09 Oct 2018TBH we should boycott Pixel phones until the Price gets to ... more@ Zach: Define "even more compact". S9 is larger in all three dimensions.

I would certainly consider going (back) to Samsung if they had better software update schedules though. They do have great hardware but their update schedules tend to lag way too much. (And no Bixby please.)

  • Zach

Whackcar, 09 Oct 2018For anyone interested in a compact phone. This might be one... moreTBH we should boycott Pixel phones until the Price gets to Nexus levels, at this point the S9 is cheaper, has better hardware, looks better and is even more compact. Only downside is the updates, which might be for the best as the Pixel is a Test Bed for "BETA" software.

  • Anonymous

Tech-9, 09 Oct 2018Cpu and camera upgrade only... I stick to my s8. Throw enou... moreSo true xD

Cpu and camera upgrade only... I stick to my s8. Throw enough money last year. Probably my last phone s8 - i love you.

  • AnonD-784107

same phone as last year, don't look any different, don't see all the hype. There doing an Apple same phone each year just slight update. like a different number on it.

just plain dissapointed.
845 processor should be 855
4 GB ram should be 16GB
128 GB storage should be 1TB
under 3000mAh battery
i won't buy this one

  • babak

specs are very similar to a8 2018

  • Dr

Too big. Should have been 5" phone. Also, they didn't tell us the antenna strength or headphone output! The things that matter! Also, no expandable memory? 4GB RAM? MEH!

  • Salu

Is it a full fledged Dual sim by any chance ? Unlike the Pixel 2 series ?

Samsung s9 is only $620. If google objective is to have hardware to show case their software, the google play edition in the past is better strategy than spending money to create their own expensive hardware.

  • Schubert

The notch is ugly... great feature phone though I recommend considering waiting for phones with next-gen Sapdragon SoC for 5G... Pixel 4 will be even greater IMHO

For anyone interested in a compact phone. This might be one of the better options you can consider. At least it's not as dreaded as the XL version.

  • Anonymous

Send one to Zack Nelson! :D

I seriously hope this one will have more storage options...