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I despise the notch on the xl so I am glad this one doesn't have it. also I actually prefer this size much better anyway because it's easier to use for me. I don't think anyone needs that much ram unless you are like me and rarely upgrade and so I go a few years without getting a new phone. I plan on getting the phone for sure though as soon as it's possible. especially for updates..I used to be poor so I never have had a 'flagship' phone and never one that actually gets major updates. currently I have the moto g5 plus which is the best phone I have had so far. nothing wrong with it at all except for the fact that it took over a year to get a "promised" update that I still DO NOT have. so lenovo has certainly ruined motorola. I can NOT wait to have a pixel.. to have updates for once in my life. but updates should be like common sense. Any phone using stock android should get them without a ridiculous wait. I can understand samsung taking a while because they heavily customize their phones and have a ton of added features and apps and everything but nobody else has much of an excuse.

brancpa, 24 Aug 2018so, this 6GB is confirmed? It is not going to be a measly 4GB? So you don't need more than 4GB of ram in android yet. Next!

Fall in love with this device..😍😍😍

Zack, 10 Aug 2018Oh for Crying out loud GOOGLE just get Samsung or Huawei to desi... moreXl may not be a well thought design but the smaller version is classic.

It is a great example of looks and useabilty . I thought it is perfect for one hand use with great camera and software.

  • brancpa

so, this 6GB is confirmed? It is not going to be a measly 4GB?

  • Anonymous

Maybe it will actually have a decent battery? You know, instead of just in the XL variants. eh prolly not.

  • Ehtesam

Yes.... It will be a good phone.

  • Raja

Nikola Tesla, 09 Aug 2018No FM radio, No 3.5 jack, , No infrared, No micro SD Why should... moreFM radio is not there in any of the pixel/ nexus mobile phones.. Infrared... seriously u r using it ? storage: even in iphone u cant expand the storage

  • Ropl

Sorry for all the comments... I think GSMArena is right with 1080p

  • Ropl

Addition: Probably 1440p not 1080p...

(Should I submit edits somewhere else?)

  • Ropl

It will probably just have 4gb of Ram and it'll very likely be announced on Oct 4th 2018. And selfie camera will be dual not single.

  • Ropl

Pixel 3 is going to be great (based on the rumors and leaks), but Pixel 3 XL is ugly af, you messed up Google, I love my Pixel 2 XL because it's unique but I want to get a Premium device for that Premium Price-point, hell even OnePlus is building much better quality phones then Google for much less. I hope Google steps up their Hardware Game, then I'll buy the Pixel 4... Only excuse for me would be this:

  • xSEBAx

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2018Who actually listens to 'radio' anymore??I do

  • Zack

Oh for Crying out loud GOOGLE just get Samsung or Huawei to design your phones! Even though this design is miles ahead of the UGLY Pixel 3 XL it looks like a fake S7 Edge!!!
Google is one of the most valuable and profitable companies in the world! Why Can't they hire any good designers especially at this price point??? Every year i get excited for a Pixel announcement and plan to buy a pixel and every year i get put off by the horrendous DESIGN!!!

  • Kosta789

Will Pixel 3 support wireless charging?

  • Anonymous

Who actually listens to 'radio' anymore??

  • Nikola Tesla

No FM radio, No 3.5 jack, , No infrared, No micro SD
Why should I buy this?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2018Yes, this is what the regular Pixel 2 should've been. I hope the... moreI was telling my girl that when it first came out cuz I have the first pixel and pixel 2 wasn't really an upgrade at all

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2018Please dear God have 6 GB of RAM!!!But what do you need it for?

  • Anonymous

Please dear God have 6 GB of RAM!!!