Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a

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I can't see the display for the bezels. You could grab this with both hands like bike handles and still not get your hands in front of the screen. This better not be more than 100$. Hmm, I wonder if the bezel is in fact 3 Pixel XL notches next to each other.

32gb and no card slot? 5cm edges, nice nice, since 2008.

What is this ,a box with 2 handles on up and down? Specs are good but looks are 1990s

  • Anonymous

Pixel 3 lite? sound interesting, but with 32 GB? oooohhhh.. no comment

  • phonesearcher

Very good phone in my oppinion. Just these siies to be improved:
-3.5 jack, no FM Radio?
-Front fingerprint (it looks like there is space, is better than the one behind)
-32 gb sucks
-price no more than 350 eur should be

  • Devil

Mini jack? Google just did 360, it's amazing they include mini jack.

With unlimited google drive storage... this phone will be ok for 400-600$... I have a pixel 2 with 64 GB and I always have ~40gb free and take a lot of pictures...

Only the price will make this phone a good choice...

This kind of storage is a joke. 64 and 128 gb would make it more attractive.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2018LOL 32GB with no sd slot. Welcome to 2012. What good is the... morewell google thinks that you will use everything cloud-based, including music

worth about $100 max, if more than that then its overpriced phone

  • Anonymous

LOL 32GB with no sd slot. Welcome to 2012. What good is the 3.5mm jack for when you can't put music in your phone?