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Google trying hard to become the new apple. 2800mah? come on. on specs alone this phone is underwhelming.

The only thing this has going for it is that it's the only "flagship" which is a compact size

They aren't going to launch both models in India. WTF. And I was waiting for it, so that I can compare it with iPhone and choose which one to buy. Anyways, hey Apple, I'm coming. :D :D

  • Fawzy

Ultimate Reviewer, 15 Oct 2019The comments are so predictable. "2800 mah for a 5.7 inch screen... moreNah.

90hz refresh rate,2800mah buttery smooth 2h life experience..

  • Anonymous

Why not Snapdragon 855+ at Q3 of late 2019?
Google must be high on shit.

YUKI93, 15 Oct 20192800mAh in a 5.7" screen? For God sake, Google! Everyone else is... moreI totally agree.

  • NAVI@sfr

All good work dusted, only reason is battery~,but this will restrict them to use the phone

  • Inthe Dark

No SD card slot
No hdr10+
NoTrue-tone screem
Noultrawide camera
No quad flash
No 4K@60fps
No 1080p@240fps
No 5G
No fingerprint reader
No 3,5mm headphone jack
No 802.11 AX Wifi
No USB power delivery 3.0
No FM radio
No Dolby Atmos heli
No Dolby Digital Plus
No 256GB
No 512GB
Dual speakers
Slow wireless charging
Huge forehead
IPhone 11 camera lookalike
8MP front cam without autofocus
Nonremovable 2800 mAh battery
G logo
Starting 750€

  • Amit

Ultimate Reviewer, 15 Oct 2019The comments are so predictable. "2800 mah for a 5.7 inch screen... moreSo you paying that much for the experience? Lol

  • Anonymous

it does not matter if cpu/gpu use no power it is still the screen brightness and radios that suck up power in use over a day. they keep saying more efficient chip uses less battery well it may well do but screen sucks it up. Then they say turn screen brightness down well I want to enjoy nice bright screen. This goes for all phones not just this.

The comments are so predictable. "2800 mah for a 5.7 inch screen! 6g of ram in 2019! I rather get xaomi or a huawei which are much better phones..." Stop looking at the specs and start looking at the user experience. Things that will actually matter and we have yet to see if the battery life will be bad or not.

No sd 855+,no Gorila glass 6,no fingerprint sensor,no 3.5 mm jack,no fm radio, battery 2800,and price 800€.Now compare this with Realme x2 pro which cost 400€ in Europe.

Meh 750 euros for a low end device.
Xiaomi redmi Note 8 pro have better specs and cost 1/3 price.
Realme cost 300 and have better specs,
many else chinese phones cost half or 1/3 oprice and are far superior compared to this ugly thing with huge top bezzel.

  • sam

it has oled display & SD 855 battery life would be decent......

YUKI93, 13 Oct 2019I do like the phone's wallpaper, kinda reminds me of another P4 ... moreLoL~

What a waste..
5.7" inch with only 2800 mAh battery?!
Are u joking google?!
No matter how good is this phone if the battery was sucks that was big minus..
Only 18W charger too.. 😑😑😑

  • Anonymous

meh. you're using sd 855 and 90hz 5.7 inch screen. sure it actually good and OLED but how long can you use it with that small battery? I don't think it can last long. well, yea you can save battery by using 60hz but why would you do that? 90hz refresh is not a gimmick. it's a goddamn great feature. I would use it all the time.

  • Anonymous

Really love the design n size. But no dual sim n just 128gb memory (without memory card slot) are the deal breakers for me

  • Sosad

Why didn't they enable 5G on this. What a let down!