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Oh dear!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2019Was really interested in this phone. Compact size, camera is pro... moreSamsung a90 5 g, probably be one of the best phones until HTC get their act back together!

  • 2cent

I expect 60h battery endurance test

  • SLyfox

What sense does it make putting a 90hz screen on a 5.7" phone with only a 2800 mah li-po battery this is the classic example of one step forward two steps back. SMDH

  • George

Alone rainboy, 17 Oct 2019battery is lowBought it yesterday but cancelled my order because of the crap battery.

It looks like Google has decided to use the worst design attributes of the latest iPhones in their own phones!

Previous year it was the hideous notch, and now this camera hump.

  • Anonymous

Was really interested in this phone. Compact size, camera is probably great, 90 Hz screen, clean software, etc. But that battery is way too small. And the storage looks even smaller now that they axed the unlimited cloud storage (for original quality). Don't know what phone to get now

  • Krishna

It is sad Pixel have removed unlimited Google Photo storage. This was main selling point for Pixel phone. I was great fan for pixel phone but now no.

battery is low

  • dulexetina

Xperia 5 is much,much better than this phone. Sd card,superwide camera and fp sensor... battery life and price point is also there.

  • Jojo

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019Let's be honest, if this phone would be released by anyone else ... moreAgree with u bro.. Im using vivo v15 pro, all specs are better than this pixel 4.. Except the processors, pixel density and maybe some brand new features offered by google.. Yet the price is half than this big weird looking forehead phone..

  • zli

Kingslayer, 16 Oct 2019I'm Team Pixel but with the pace Google moves with the RAM, we p... moreWhat is your point, why would you need 12 GB RAM

I'm Team Pixel but with the pace Google moves with the RAM, we probably won't get 12 GB for another 5+ years. Microsoft Surface Duo should already have 12 GB RAM once released next year matching what the Galaxy Fold already has.

The next revolution... Dual displays designed like the Nintendo DS / 3DS. Just wait in 3-4 years when they become extremely common to see. We're returning to the clamshell form factor from the 00s decade.

  • RIZI

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019Let's be honest, if this phone would be released by anyone else ... moreRight said..... Apple and this Google phone want to purchase rich people middle class people... i think Both brand have no technology for developing such phones target to middile class people.

  • Advice

Please only compare with : one plus7 pro or note9+ or p30 pro or mate 30 pro or xperia1

these 5 phones I named are realy have better(more) camera and realy cheaper than pixel4 and pixel4xl

  • Anonymous

Let's be honest, if this phone would be released by anyone else than google or apple this would be a 400$ phone. It lacks behind the competition on like every detail.

- 6GB RAM is fine, but just potent enough for the next 2-3 years.
- SD855 is totally fine, but google could have gone for 855+ without raising price.
- 2800mAh is just sad - the pixel 3 had terrible battery life, I dont believe this will be better
- 5,7" - the only selling point, people still want phones less 6"
- forehead is unacceptable in 2019 - it makes the phone larger...
- 1 front cam is fine, but why have only 1 cam if there is a forehead?
- 2 main cameras - Im totally fine with that, but again it keeps the price low, so why not have an optical zoom or ultra wide asking 800$?
- camera bump - not acceptable if not having optical zoom
- no fingerprint reader...why not offer one? The cam solutions are fine, but usually dont work in dark rooms...its a pitty.
- no dual front facing speakers - okay the pixel 3 once are quite bad, but still a nice user experience!
- 90hz screen - that's great but other companies offer 120hz already - and the
OnePlus 7 Pro with 90hz is 700$ offering maxed out user experience

the list can go on forever...this phone is not worth the money. Don't believe people saying that "the user experience" is awesome. The pixel 3 had so many lags, force closes, not enough battery capacity - how is this an awesome user experience? I advice you to look at android one devices, those are pretty close to the pixel experience. Even the "smooth-vibration" that only google and apple offer - can already be found in some android one phones. The camera will definitely be fine for a dual setup but then again you get quad cam setups for 400$ that might be a tad worse than the pixel 4 setup, but offering ultrawide, macro, zoom, laser af, etc. I usually advice people to buy what suits them, but the pixel 4 suits no one at a price higher than 400$....only if you want a smaller sized phone, but if you want that, buy an iphone!

  • Anonymous

haha, 16 Oct 2019haha... what a joke... please get iphone then... oh waitThere are phones offering Jack, memory expansion, 8GB RAM, 855+, 4000-5000mAh....and cost 400-500$ --- so what you laughing at?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019Disappointment of the year xD Been waiting to replace my S10e, s... morethe s10e is much better, keep it!

  • Anonymous

The battery of the pixel 3 was too small and they made it even smaller now? Im sorry but even if you like having just enough ram, a well quite unfinished design, a missing front cam, speakers facing the wrong way, a massive forehead, 800$ pricetag,...etc. can you live with less then a day battery? I dont own a pixel 4, but I did own a pixel 3. Had to charge it every evening after 10 hours of being AT WORK - no usage in that time brought the battery down to 25% at just after my worktime. That's a no go for a phone 400$ upwards and that's why I sold it. Even the shi**iest phones (in your opinion) do have 3500-4000mAh and last 2 days on a single charge. Got myself a phone with less ram, half the price, oled screen and I can easily have that thing uncharged for 48hours+...with photos that are on par with the 3(a)...good luck with your pixel 4. Please dont support it, if you think one of those mentioned facts bother you, they are not up for you, they want iphone customers that don't care for specs or battery but spend plenty of dollars so they can tell everybody they spend money on a phone worth les than half the price....don't be that sheep.

  • Anonymous

Ohh nooo.... Another ugly phone. Those thick black borders and bezels. Why is Google making phones?