Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4

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  • YourTru

No card slot and only 64/128 Gb options available? No audio jack? no 4K 60fps? Completely lost all interest in this phone.

  • stobs

i though this looked quite good until i saw the battery

does google ignore / not recognise the fact that android is bloated to the core and needs much more battery than this to last a day?

  • Anonymous

proste_brepta, 16 Oct 20194k/30fps ? really ? in year 2019 on SD855, really ? bad and stup... moreYou are cognizant of the fact they commenced producing b4 the Snapdragon 855+ was released

  • J

2800mAh battery WTF! When the s10 has 3400 this is really dissapointing

  • Anonymous

Disappointment of the year xD Been waiting to replace my S10e, seems it is 10 times better specwise and pricewise than this xD

  • Bisko

I am disappointed.
-It has the same Camera Sensor like in Pixel 3.
-Video Capability is untouched and stayed the same like in Pixel 3.
-A very ugly design that makes you think you hold the phone upside down with its huge top bezel.
-Battery is small
-No wide-lense sensor, a standard feature in all mobile phones and flagships today

I really wanted it to be good this time around, cause I am about to change my device for a new one.

  • Sammy

Feel peace need for upgrade from pixel least until 16 Jan 2021 for free unlimited original photo backup

  • Maryam Miahan

Really pixel 4 is going to be a big hit but I think the only thing it is lagging behind is battery capacity. Things gonna be more better if it has improved battery life. I also recommend visiting mobile app development company

  • proste_brepta

4k/30fps ? really ? in year 2019 on SD855, really ? bad and stupid joke from Google. Pay for this ! It is Pixel !!! Oh no, users using brain, is many other options, yes without pure Android...
And battery is bad joke too... what does Google really want our money for? I believe xiaomi folds it for half the price.

Google trying to be apple and price like apple with a removed features, meh there are other good phones out there.

  • rovin

its duel sim (duel stand bye) ?

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019In pixel 3a xl it was 3700 mah but it has more battery life than... moreIt's a lie. I never heard pixel phones good at battery

  • haha

Sant'O, 15 Oct 2019Freaking idiotic phone, no memory card slot, no 3.5mm jack, no r... morehaha... what a joke... please get iphone then... oh wait

  • Anonymous

Tommy, 06 Oct 2019The larger the battery capacity the lower number of charge cycle... moreThat's an oversimplification and isn't always true. If Google went for premium batteries, probably, but odds are they just went with standard 500 cycle batteries.

  • Anonymous

Small battery, no fingerprint sensor, no more free original quality online photo storage, no more dual front stereo speakers, no bundled heaphones or 3.5mm adapter, downgraded selfie camera (Pixel 3 had dual selfie cameras with autofocus on the primary selfie camera. Pixel 4 is a single fixed focus one.)

This is a disappointment.

  • Anonymous

Why in the world did they lower the battery capacity? They should be at least 3000mAh or 3300mAh.

  • Anonymous

Google just make phone that they don't want anybody buy it

  • Alan

Yes finally Google have updated its f/Stop glass to 1.7 same as the HTC u11 and Samsung S7/S8 back in the 2016 & 2017 era. Just can't wait to try out the Pixel 4 Gcam on these phone since it basically have the same camera spec & sensor size but with different processor and newer model:)

  • Anonymous

Sant'O, 15 Oct 2019Freaking idiotic phone, no memory card slot, no 3.5mm jack, no r... moreAnd still no usbc to HDMI?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019why weigh more?? than 3a?.mmmmmalthough not as tall so? lol.