Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XL

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  • jason

pixel is the best phone in the market.
i ll defenately buy pixel 4xl.

  • Klaman

Pixel 4 will not have UFS 3.0 memory.

I would choose OnePlus 7T , but not double price pixel with slower chip. No thanks

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2019Yes, you are right. But X1 doesn't have reliable fingerprint sen... moreX1 is good enough for me. I can't imagine having this in my hand. Looks ugly

AlexP, 29 Sep 2019The bezels even bigger than Xperia 1 has, so Xperia 1 looks beau... moreYou won't be getting the camera magic that Pixel can produce without that
forehead however. Small sacrifice. Worth it completely. Pictures of my children remain priceless.

  • Anonymous

AlexP, 29 Sep 2019The bezels even bigger than Xperia 1 has, so Xperia 1 looks beau... moreYes, you are right. But X1 doesn't have reliable fingerprint sensor and miss wireless charging while having the glass back. This is a deal-breaker for me personally.

  • Mihail

This is a spit in the smartphone industry for top end 2019

The bezels even bigger than Xperia 1 has, so Xperia 1 looks beautiful compare this piece of something

  • Anonymous

Hopefully Google upgrade the battery life as I find its the main weakness of the pixel phones. Also the device always seems to be the last device of the year with snapdragon flagship chip before next year's SoC is released which is silly because it seems to be outdated after only a few months of being released. You think with the amount of money Google has invested in developing the software for the device they could invest a bit in advancing the chip to keep in line with next year's flagships at least. Pointless in arguing that software gives it an advantage anymore as we have all seen what one plus and Samsung and even Sony can do with there UI over the android OS. It seems that nearly every device performs better in gaming and speed performance with the same SoC. Other than that I have no doubt the new cameras are going to be outstanding.

I use a Mate 20 Pro, the notch just disappears after using the phone for a few weeks, but what is with the gargantuan bezel at the top of the screen? You could give that bezel it's own postcode!

  • Joel ooi

Mr.Chow, 27 Sep 2019IMO 4000mAh battery for Pixel 4XL and 3500mAh for the pixel 4 be... moreYea because 4000 is more comment battery capacity on a phone

  • :)

Idk what all you ppl are complaining about. I'd rather have a bezel than a notch, and a useful bezel at that since it house like a mil sensors in it. also, smaller non-existent bezels do make the phone look futuristic but they also make it uncomfortable cause palm rejection is shit in most of them. And bezels this big are hardly called huge.
Now on the other points of complaint. Yes it should be able to record 4K60 to compete with the rest as the camera isnt only for photos Google. Personally I couldnt give a damn about 4K60 since it takes too much space and I wouldnt wanna use it anw so 4K30 as an option is fine with me. HOWEVER, 3700mah battery on a 90Hz display sounds like a recipe for bad battery life. I've been disappointed ever since the first leak about the battery! 6GB of RAM is probs going to be good enough but if the 8GB variant becomes a reality it's gonna be great! Probs gonna be too expensive though so I'd stick with the base model. I like everything else about the phone but the battery is killing me. I saw another comment saying 3500mah for the small and 4000mah minimum for the XL and that's how it should be. I dont care if the phone gets a little thicker, just put a big batteryyyy.

  • Jlehman

What's with Google and bezels. They just love bezels. GET RID OF THEM ALREADY

  • Mr.Chow

IMO 4000mAh battery for Pixel 4XL and 3500mAh for the pixel 4 better battery size.

  • Anonymous

Apple and Google are the wealthiest companies in the world, and can't make decent looking phones.

  • Can't wait to see

I hope it performs well and battery is long enough. That 256gb rom and with 8gb ram would be excellent option. If only 128gb, I might just go for 3a instead.

  • eonisn

Is that true the rear video cam ONLY 2160p @30fps ???
You should be serious Google

  • Grimstash

Romi Dk, 25 Sep 2019Google Please put some big Battery in like 4500/5000 MAH. PLEAS... moreBigger battery please!


  • Grimstash

Battery life ? Already 4-5 hours max sot for my pixel 3xl. Oohhhh nooo 3700mah!!

  • Eric

Awesome phone, a true "smart" phone, I can't wait for it.