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Google Pixel 4 XL

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2019Agreed. So much bellyaching over frivolous stuff. I NEED some b... moreStop trying to justify your poor buying decisions.

2017 bezels. No ultra-wide camera, no 4K 60fps, no fingerprint scanner, unsafe face ID, low brightness, average battery life, gimmicky motion sense, no earbuds or 3.5mm adapter boxed.

There aren't BAD phones but they are ridiculously overpriced. Google thinks it copy Apple and charge Apple prices when their hardware and software are still trailing behind.

  • Anonymous

arfyness, 29 Nov 2019Why is everyone so desperately afflicted with this obsession of ... moreAgreed. So much bellyaching over frivolous stuff. I NEED some bezel or my hand is triggering something along the edges. Especially trying to one hand type and reaching with my thumb but hitting backspace/enter.

Others may have a great camera but ... 6-8 months behind in security??? Come on.

How many thieves actually stop their act and walk up to you and point the lit up face to your face to unlock it and run off?? Seriously, it doesn't work that way, they are grab and dash people. If their afraid of something waking you, they aren't going to do it. Watch some of those documentaries. Better yet, get a dog who are bred for writing you, like schnauzers. You don't need no meaty type dogs, you just need one with a strong piercing bark at strangers. Room secured.

What else have I read here... General whining ... Not released in certain regions .... So??? Move on.

I dunno if it's general whining or plain ignorance and stupidity by this point. ...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2019I think google team was drunk while designing this ugly phoneI know we all have our opinion if this is an ugly phone or not. Personally I quite like it. The matte rails and soft touch back feel and look really nice and I like the top bezel, obviously it looks better when it’s full screen but then you sacrifice things like a worse speaker because it’s crammed in a top slit or having a notch in the display or losing waterproofing for a pop up. I’d much rather have a bezel above the screen than a notch cut into it. Also that panda, stormtrooper look is really nice, especially in person

  • juspassingby

I've been using the 4XL for about a month now. Unlocked with no carrier or other unnecessary bloat. I absolutely love the speed and smoothness. It has plenty of unique features such as live caption, call screening etc. Camera is quite nice, could use some manual control though. I've had no problems whatsoever. Battery lasts plenty long. Get's me far more than through the day. Plus it charges quite fast. There are other phones that last longer, but seriously the whole thing is overblown. Came from Iphones and Samsungs. I am now a PIxel fan for life.

  • Anonymous

It's funny how Google used to mock Apple, now they just shamelessly copy them.

Using it for 2 months now. Switched from P30 pro.
Delightfully awesome :)
Awesome camera display UI, decent battery.

  • Info

It's not the worst phone, it's okay. If you're looking for the best phones oppo, Samsung and Huawei are there. Iphone isn't really for everyone and it's not so easy to use especially if you're a new user. I still think the best smartphone camera is in the Huawei p30 pro for photos. Especially because of the night cam. S10+ is great but it also over saturates pictures to make them look pleasing to the eye. And there's no zoom on a phone as good as that of Huawei p30 pro. Huawei mate 30 pro still remains the best video recording phone ever with 4k at 60fps, and 720p at over 7000fps. That's mad! No other phone comes even close to that. The best competition could offer is 720p at 240fps. And the battery life on Huawei is awesome. Can last 2.5 days off one charge for normal users

  • Trk

Jorey, 13 Dec 2019Better than having a notch, punch hole, popup cameraAbsolutely!! The real world usage is far better than YouTube reviews. Better than a big hideous notch, pop ups.

  • Jorey

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2019I think google team was drunk while designing this ugly phoneBetter than having a notch, punch hole, popup camera

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2019I think google team was drunk while designing this ugly phoneProbably you're drunk while writing? 😅

  • Anonymous

I think google team was drunk while designing this ugly phone

  • jr

X, 04 Dec 2019No 2160 60 fps No 240, 960 fps No card slot No 3.5 mm jack N... moreAgreed. Don't forget to mention how easily this phone snaps. It is a very weak device. Pathetic.

  • Anish De

X, 04 Dec 2019No 2160 60 fps No 240, 960 fps No card slot No 3.5 mm jack N... moreYou are right. That is very true

  • X

No 2160 60 fps
No 240, 960 fps
No card slot
No 3.5 mm jack
No ultra wide camera
Battery endurance rating 73h
Complete waste of money in my opinion.

  • RUSerious

123, 03 Dec 2019can Pixel 4's camera photo and video can match mate30pro's ?R U serious? Gugl vs Huawei? Honestly? LOL

  • Anish De

I would say that the google pixel 4 is a good phone to me before seeing the price tag and the regions it is launching in. It is a nice phone with snapdragon 855 released recently and the cameras even have OIS. When seeing at the 900 price tag there are many more options like the Oneplus 7T Pro or even the IPhone 11 Pro will be better in terms of specs. The pixel and IPhone both don’t have a fingerprint sensor but have FaceId. Though the pixel 4 has infrared facial recognition and FaceID with similar hardware to the iPhone, I wouldn’t like it to get unlocked by a burglar who broke into my house at midnight when I am sleeping. Another problem is that use some a Soli radar which work since in very high frequency and may not be good for humans at all. The frequency used is 60GHz which I see almost 25 times more than normal home WiFi frequencies. due to the high frequencies the phone is not launching in many countries such as India. There are many more smaller problems such it having a normal Snapdragon 855 and not a 855+, the phone not being so durable when tested by a YouTuber at bends, the RAM configuration maxing out at 6GB, the charging speed maxes out at 18W which was last years speed and this year 30W or 40W or even 65W of power delivery speeds are being seen in many flagships and mid rangers, there are only two cameras in the back and still no ultra wide camera and many other phones are getting 3,4 or even 5 cameras at a pretty cheaper price. I expected at least 3 cameras in this phone if not 4. There are some pros about the phone as well such as the display is really nice, it has IP rating, wireless charging, nice UI and software support and gesture recognition through Soli radar if you can sacrifice on the high frequencies.

  • 123

can Pixel 4's camera photo and video can match mate30pro's ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2019I think this phone along with Stadia are bring the beginning of ... moreu got me in the 1st half. lol

Why is everyone so desperately afflicted with this obsession of removing obviously useful things from the bezel? Why do you need the screen going all the way to the edge? Apparently it's more important than good audio, because it destroys one of the two "stereo" speakers which now aim away from you. (It makes a huge difference when one of them is aimed into your hand that's holding the thing...) And with no headphones in the box, what else is there? At least there's so much going on at the top of this phone they can't possibly cram it into a screen destroying notch.

I'd love to upgrade my struggling Nexus 6 with this phone, especially now that it comes with a $500 Fi credit (11/24 to 12/2). But I just can't make myself happy enough for the confirm order button. And there are no other contenders for me in the fully Fi compatible lineup, etiher. Will I wait another year or settle for an expensive flagship with destroyed features and insufficient battery? I guess I have a few days yet to decide. I'm losing hope that next year's offering will be any better, but at least if it's not, this one should be a bit cheaper during the Black Friday sale.

Pista, 24 Nov 2019I wonder if the flexible, yet less durable plastic edges have so... moreEven if you don't bend the phone. It will still bend under pressure. Whether you like it or not.

Those features that you've mentioned which the pixel phone has? Does everybody care about those useless features? NO.
People will mostly look for an android with a better camera system, bigger storage capacity, better battery capacity, is primarily built for gaming, better speaker system, better display tech, and so on. Why do you think Pixel phones aren't quite popular outside US?