Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XL

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  • SLyfox

Hmm I thought the google pixel 4 was bad but now I see the pixel 4xl 3700 mah battery, 90hz screen quad hd, starting price of 900EUR for a 64gb. Google pixel has become the iphone of android lol

Rajeev Chaurasiya, 17 Oct 2019Mobile Companies make you fool guys, I had Google Nexus 5X, and ... moreYes, Indeed. Megapixel is not everything in photography. Image Processing is a crucial thing. 108MP is useless if image processing in that phone is a joke--terrible. Using GCam that by made by XDA Developers is just merely slight improvement and complete mess. iPhone, Samsung, and Google has great image processing.

Like Apple, now even Google thinks that whatever they do people gonna like it. Nope! We not buying it. We want top specs and latest features, not your fancy words. Sorry Google and Apple, your strategy won't work

  • Don4117

£929 For the pixel xl in the UK that’s terrible Should have added a micro sod slot and just 128gb internal storage Google are way behind the times

  • Me

now is clear why google are blocking huawei mate 30 series =) For that price and compabilities...

  • Sunny

Really if this is a phone which is released in the year 2019 then they are way behind in mobile industry. Now a days we are into full screen and flexible display and look at this pixel 4 or 4 xl.

I am surprised to see they have launched two models Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 Xl where in there is no difference apart from screen size, resolution and battery. What is the need of two different models if there is not changes.

  • Józsi Vok

Looks like a nice phone. Cameras are not set up in the best way, a problem the iPhone 11 series had. Resolution of the camera and RAM have improved. I found that the screen was shaky when I tried out a preliminary model. Very expensive, but I can’t complain.

  • Daily user

Happy with my Pocophone F1. Half the price and great performance with superb battery. Sorry Pixel not interested. And non XL version 2800mah battery.? Omg

  • z

if this design was 4 years ago it would be totally awesome.. today's design is all about full screens how can they miss it>?@#

  • Baba

900euro ????? Stupid...

  • Muhammad Bilal

How Odd, Google removed the Wide Angle Lens from front facing camera which was with Pixel 3.

  • Rajeev Chaurasiya

Mobile Companies make you fool guys, I had Google Nexus 5X, and it's having great low light Photography experience in it..So don't go for 48, 64 and 108 coming up..they totally makes you fool (quad Bayer technology, Isocell etc).

  • Anonymous

Good to see HW upgrade matching up clean and top notch SW which Apple majorly misses. Yes they have good HW and clean design but not the SW power Google offers and to be frank their prices are just pure extortion. If I have little humanity left, instead of buying £1150 I would rather buy this for £830 and give rest to some charity to make world a better place where I can peacefully use my phone and take good photos with best camera in the phone market. Period.

  • Shaff_03

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2019They're copying the iPhone now more than ever before. How did they when they designed the phone months ago?

Orbital, 16 Oct 2019people slating this phone/brand have clearly never used a Pixel ... moretrue, if he has never used a pixel, he doesn't know what a real android experience is ...

  • Anonymous

Quicksilver, 16 Oct 2019best of all smartphones cameraWorst look. 2011 models

Pro expert, 16 Oct 2019It's still thousand times better than chinese spec monsters that... moreSo true!

Empire, 16 Oct 2019Lol bro, there are no android phone to compete with 11 pro max ,... moreWorse than a phone that's identical to a 5s??? Sorry mate but I think you're in the wrong page, go back to your herd!

  • Anonymous

Nicky, 16 Oct 2019Lack of inspiration Google ? They're copying the iPhone now more than ever before.

  • 123

just look mate30pro 5g how many pros over 4 xl has :)
hack it and install google services and you have best 2019 phone :)