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Google Pixel 4a

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  • jh12z

Do you know if it supports DisplayPort Alt Mode over USB-C to be able to connect to an external TV/screen with an adapter?

  • Anonymous

Will it be slow after a while? after 4/5years....any pixel users please reply

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2020This or S10eS10e is in it's way to be outdated, already has more than one year from release. Some people don't mind, some do, it's your call. I wouldn't mind the performance of either really, in the camera department too, There's this one thing the S10e has over the 4a and that is build quality but then again once in a case it doesn't matter that much, same goes for those who mind this phone is being offered in black only, once in a case it doesn't really matter what color it is.

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2020This or S10emi 10 Lite 5g 6/128 too can be considered

  • Anonymous

This or S10e

Pal9, 10 Aug 2020Wish list for Pixel 5.... 1. Price should be under 1000$... moreFor everything you just mentioned, there are tons of phones with those specs at under 600 or even 500 dollars.

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2020Read carefully: Nano-SIM + eSIMI think they meant physical sims, but basically non-dual sim for me at least since no mainstream European telecommunications company offer eSIM

J, 03 Aug 2020Disappointing price. Listed on Google UK at £349. Consideri... moreTrue, but lacks in software support, which may be a big deal breaker for some people. Also I bet it has a better camera experience, though the Mi 10 Lite 5g does have extra lens for versatility. But yea I agree, it's too over priced, especially here in Europe and the UK. I would have loved to see this phone at 299-319 euros and pounds.

  • Anonymous

evilboy, 10 Aug 2020well i am electric Engineer and i know battery doesn't... moreSame thing with my S5e. Battery life was reduced between one and two hours. Typical Samsung throttling.

  • Hello

With 144mm the pixel 4a is not little as i look for but is not bad
If the SAR is OK i will buy it

MrVideo, 10 Aug 2020I couldn't give a rats ass about the camera on any pho... moreGoogle uses the same tactics of apple: Do you want more storage? Buy my cloud service for extra storage. Monthly fee or annual fee, it doesn't matter while you pay for it. Want to hear music? Pay for a streaming service plus a big data plan! So everyone wins (except the owner of the phone of course).

  • DT

Is there something like dc dimming for the screen?

  • Anonymous

evilboy, 10 Aug 2020well i am electric Engineer and i know battery doesn't... moreBest thing you can do is never upgrade anything unless you *really* need to, companies love those upgrades, their only way for them to ruin a perfectly working device and leave you wishing for a new one, I don't think google will be an exception to this although it's true that the chinese devices are the most dangerous to upgrade.

If you do upgrade you need to backup and factoty reset the device invariably, sluggishness and battery drain are some of the typical symptoms of failing to factory reset.

It should. Saw on a Pixel forum a while back that someone set up Jio rain (or was it Airtel? can't be sure anymore)

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2020Read carefully: Nano-SIM + eSIMYeah, just noticed that. Let us just wait for actual user feedback on this one :)

bahman, 10 Aug 2020you are facing battery degradation , your updates is finewell i am electric Engineer and i know battery doesn't degrade in 24hrs . installed the first major update on my galaxy tab A 8.0 2019 its not even 3 months old and lost 2 hrs screen on time after android 10 upgrade. that's why i am interested in pixel

callmeakshat, 10 Aug 2020Who else is disappointed by the choice of the chipset? Goog... more✍️,I love Google Pixel device due to it's best software optimization.And produce maximum potential with limited hardware.

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2020I would also like to know who made the screen.Lg

  • Anonymous

Paradox, 10 Aug 2020No there is no dual sim option here :(Read carefully:

Nano-SIM + eSIM

callmeakshat, 10 Aug 2020Who else is disappointed by the choice of the chipset? Goog... moreThe sd 730g is an excellent chip choice. It does the job done well for a cheap price.