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  • Anonymous

AnonD-973296, 20 Jan 2021according to the verge, google is aware of the touch sensit... moreThis was said by someone who is not from Google in a support chat. And he said it in December and in January they haven't fixed it. Google hasn't said anything about issue, just that non-Google person. The Verge just replied to that comment. You need to be better informed.

  • hazkhan1212

Faruq, 25 Dec 2020Good pixel 4a 5g have two speakers below but, out of both o... moreIt uses the ear-piece as a second speaker, the other speaker hole looks like it may be a microphone, correct me if I'm wrong.

  • AnonD-973296

Again, 15 Jan 2021After numerous daily complaints about touch sensitivity iss... moreaccording to the verge, google is aware of the touch sensitivity issues in the 4A 5G and are going to address it in the february security update which should fix the problem

zZ, 02 Jan 2021Thats also the case with mi 10t with SD 865Is fixed in MIUI 12.0.13, stop spreading false stuff. Works perfectly 5G+4G.

  • Again

After numerous daily complaints about touch sensitivity issue in 4A 5G (and in 4A before), they, Google, have deleted a page on Google support where all this was commented on and where they promised an update to the Pixel 4A 5G screen sensitivity fault, which clearly means that it is a hardware fault they want to avoid. Google it: "pixel 4a 5g touch issue december" and look how the page dissapear. It's like the ostrich that hides its head in the ground. An absolute shame on the part of Google. Don't buy these people. I have returned my phone.

  • Ohno

Google it: Pixel 4a 5g Touch Issues
Many people reporting

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021Returning the Pixel 4A 5G because screeen touch, top speake... moreFor me working perfectly. Maybe wrong piece...

  • Anonymous

Returning the Pixel 4A 5G because screeen touch, top speaker, sensors fails like adaptative brightness and more. Google don´t solve? Not with my money.

  • Anonymous

Really nice phone, BUT. Because issue of sensitivity errors of screen and other stuff i will return my phone. It´s not known if it is an update problem or not, but it is curious that it affects mostly the right side of the screen. This means that MAYBE it is a hardware fault. Pixel 4A has also had an even worse screen touch failure for months (all the zones of screen). Google maybe realease a unlocked 4A 5G in white, no Verizon one, with mint powe button. Hope they solve this screen issue because i love this phone (need optical zoom but it´s ok because the amazing photos you can shoot with it). But with this failures, NO THANKS.

  • Hiten

When this will be launched in india?
Either Black or white

  • BS

Hi folks,

My experience glitches on Pixel 4a 5g so far.

Amazon Prime Video is just in SD resolution. Full HD or higher is not working so far.

I did not receive the three month Youtube promotion so far. I've not signed up a premium membership before.
Other promotions are fine like Google Play Pass, Play points and Google One.

  • Anonymous

Warning!!!: Touch screen issues with this Pixel. People say it is after the December update and not solved with the January update. I did not buy the Samsung S20 FE 5G because of the ghost touch screen issues. And now this Google Pixel 4A 5G has similar problems? Especially in the corners of the screen has difficulty recognizing the finger touch. Think before you buy this phone. Google it: pixel 4a 5g touch issue. If it continues like this, I will return it to Amazon. And I will mark a NEVER MORE cross to Google as I have already done to Samsung and OnePlus (the latter for other issues and the lousy and joking treatment of the customer by the technical service)

  • munnasharmax

When it will be available in India ? Or not coming to India. Plz somebody tell if you knows.

  • TechGeek

This is an excellent choice for a smartphone. It is affordable and it has 5G, an incredible OLED display, a snappy chip and a very clean User Interface (UI). The battery life is supposed to be good ( I have not tested this phone yet) and the RAM management is good (as with all Pixel phones). I can't wait to see what Google will do to improve it next year with the Pixel 5a 5G.

  • zZ

tgold, 01 Jan 2021Undocumented defect: if you activate 2 SIMs (one physical p... moreThats also the case with mi 10t with SD 865

  • Anonymous

tgold, 01 Jan 2021Undocumented defect: if you activate 2 SIMs (one physical p... moreJust in Pixel

Undocumented defect: if you activate 2 SIMs (one physical plus one embedded) the phone can no longer achieve 5G. One of the SIMs must be disabled to restore 5G capability. Is that an inherent limitation of the Qualcomm SD765G?

  • Faruq

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020Honestly. I was in your same hesitation. Finally I bought t... moreGood pixel 4a 5g have two speakers below but, out of both only the right side speaker works..

  • A

Is this phone going to release in india tomorrow or not?

I bought the 5 about a month ago but found the display too small, especially having to type on a smaller keyboard. I picked it mainly because it wasn't impossibly huge and for the rear fingerprint scanner, so convenient. Should have bought the 4a 5g for the larger display.