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  • Anonymous

I like the design I know this will never happen but, I would like to own a high end pixel 5a

  • Anonymous

Not having a high refresh rate display is criminal in 2021. even the lower end devices nowadays have them

  • Mr pixel

AverageIndianUser, 09 Oct 2021this phone in this size could have easily packed a telephot... moreNo smartphone manufacturers ever satisfies the whole consumers.
After adding those you talked about. The price goes up. Another consumer posts another complaint.

This pixel is okay.

this phone in this size could have easily packed a telephoto lens and 512 gb inbuilt storage. Further at this price could have packed an SD 778 with 8 gb ram atleast. there was no need for a pixel 6 or pixel 6 pro. such a waste!

I am looking to leave stock android, I'll see how it impacts. The A52s, Mi 11 Lite NE 5G and Moto Edge 20 all seem like better upgrades than this despite having similar price tags and better pizazz. As always, the beauty of android; I could install a pixel Rom UI if the software skin is undesirable but so far it's not looking too bad. And the cameras image quality could be fixed, or largely helped by GCam, in the end it's the software that matters.

Controversial opinion.. as always, but the chipset choice is rather lacklustre. 'Tis 2021, a newer midrange chip would've been beneficial, preferrably a 778G. Even if it drove up the price a bit. A lot of companies have already hopped on the train, including Samsung, Motorola, Realme. Tbh, Google shot theirselves when they released 5 and 4a 5G both with 765G, now they can't make a budget phone with a higher choice of chipset. The upgrades are pretty cool, like water rating and battery, but say they had balanced it, and put IP53, and maybe a 4400 instead of 4680mAh, now they would've had room for even more upgrades like chipset, camera and 90Hz refresh rate! This feature is so So sorely missed on the 5a, especially since, again so many other competitors have it. And Colour! colour! We all know Google is pretty conservative with it, putting out black slabs like it's no one's business. Tilt your head to Apple, they make like 5 different colours every year. And, this build *knocks* yeah it's pretty plasticky, and even the ones at samsung embrace it better with their silk touch finishes.

Ovepriced i must say, Samsung Galaxy s20 FE 5G is a better choice at a lower price.

No bloat ware or Facebook pre installed is worth its weight in gold.

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Also people whose interested in this pixel phone are more into simplicity and i personally prefer ui that much more customizable. Most people also prefer the pixel camera but most don't. So before you start saying bad thing about a phone, make sure it applies in all people perspective since there's always alternative to other thing like this pixel. If you read this Eliox or whatever your name was i hope you understand and i don't want you to make people confused with your opinion. 69

  • Anonymous

Rikkon, 02 Oct 2021The price of the 5a has been $449 at the Google store even ... moreFor $449 you could literally get yourself a good and decent phone. This phone is using the 765 5g chip and w8 $449 you could even get yourself a flagship killer like realme gt 5g or the poco f3. In this price range people tend to aim towards this companies because of their availability and affordable price. 765 5g for $449? Bruh

If you wanted to say that this people are just dumb for saying chipset is everything then you're just sick. This pixel is more into stock android and photography focus and since people in this $449 range are mostly just looking for a device w8 good chipset for affordable price, most of these won't matter. Alright take the a52s 5g and the pixel 5a 5g. The a52s 5g already win with it chipset, battery, display,audio, and it even has 3.5 mm jack and ip 67 water resistant. Pixel? Camera? Sure but a52s 5g also take good photo and the a52s 5g even have ois. Still they're sitting around the same prices. The more you pay the more stuff you get dude. You can complain as much as you want but people won't care bout it. They have their on taste yet you're telling them a wrong thing. I read a lot of your comment and all of them are just wrong.

  • Anonymous

Rikkon, 02 Oct 2021Saying that most of the A series phones use the Qualcomm 70... moreEven though they're using exynos or mediatek or whatever, most of this chipset is based by company only have os support up to 3 years no matter what phone it is. Samsung for example recently released their a series w8 this dimensity 800 i think on the a32 5g,720g on their a52,750g 5g on their a52 5g and the new 778g 5g on their a52s 5g. Again dimensity and Qualcomm only have the capability to support up to 3 years. Exynos is based on arms architecture and it's using Mali gpu (the same as most mediatek chip) and this Qualcomm chipset are also having arms architecture. But Qualcomm chipset is custom build and different from mediatek chipset and thus making the Qualcomm chipset a lot more expensive.

Back to the point, since company like Qualcomm,mediatek and exynos(samsung) is practically the same w8 just different built, that mean they can only be received support for a certain amount of time. Apple build their on chipset so they can support their phone longer. Dimensity or exynos, they can only last for approximately 3 years of software update and Qualcomm is the same to. Just wait for google pixel 6 w8 their custom build tensor chip so they can support the phone longer and stop saying this phone is good or whatever.

  • Me

Rikkon, 02 Oct 2021The price of the 5a has been $449 at the Google store even ... moreThanks dear

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021Samsung A series mostly uses Qualcomm 700 series and pixel ... moreSaying that most of the A series phones use the Qualcomm 700 series is a big fat lie. Check out the entire series from A1X and most models use exynos or Mediatek socs. Only one of A4X, the A5X (A51 used exynos) and the A7X models have Snapdragon 7xx socs

Me, 01 Oct 2021390$ when release now 570$ what is going on mind of Google The price of the 5a has been $449 at the Google store even for pre order and that's still the price. Of course you'll find it more expensive in amazon and other sites because is people reselling the phone, targeting those from other countries who want to buy it

  • Me

390$ when release now 570$ what is going on mind of Google

DWITA, 29 Sep 2021i dont know but i never satisfied with any phone other than... moreComparing numbers is not real. There are lots of Xiaomi and Huawei phones that are overcoming others in benchmarks, but those can never compete with the fluidity and future-proofness of a device from the manufacturer that also makes the software

AverageIndianUser, 28 Sep 2021its available in india bro. unofficially. no one's wai... moreGood. Is it only you who posts in the forum of the phone he doesn't like? Or is it just a general demeanor there?


i dont know but i never satisfied with any phone other than pixel series and iphone.
doesnt matter how good on paper the specs are for xiaomi and realme and samsung, i always more satisfied with pixel series

ElioX, 28 Sep 2021That is always said that Pixel experience is not skin over ... moreits available in india bro. unofficially. no one's waiting for pixel phones to launch. its the asus phone that people are expecing since months. i dont see anyone asking for pixel 5a as such. its either asus or apple at the moment.

Ashok, 28 Sep 2021They don't infact, One of my samsung device died after... moreThat probably same for all android devices. Apple care is the benefit here. You pay 140€ for 2 years and get a screen replacement for 20€ and phone destruction for at most 80€. I haven't seen any android phone having similar repair stuff. And yes, AMOLED screen replacement costs around 300€ depending on screen sizes. Unless you want to replace it with LCD, that is what you pay unfortunately