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When is the test available ?

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why you guys do not update the endurance of this device

JeffJ318, 06 Sep 2021That is weird. The Pixel 5a 5G for sale in the US on the Go... morePlease do check this link for i/o of google pixel 5a 5g:

the first point (1) located at left bottom of the screen is where sim tray is located ;)

JeffJ318, 06 Sep 2021No, it does not come with a pre-installed screen protector.... moreI always use screen protectors. I always buy matte ones because I do not like reflections on my device screen. I dont think everybody is same as me, though most people do apply some sort of protection (tempered glass or film). But I think it is not device manufacturer's responsibility to provide screen protector or any case in the box. Everybody should be free to purchase one if they need. Otherwise people who do not use (or do not like the included case/protector) will just throw them away - and this is just increasing waste production.

JeffJ318, 06 Sep 2021Should I still consider purchasing the Pixel 5a 5G with the... moreIf you dont need 4K60fps (exactly this configuration, but no other), then you should have no worries about this device.

Should I still consider purchasing the Pixel 5a 5G with the video 4k 60 overheating issues?
I am not a gamer, don't take videos, some photos, mostly use the phone for email, FB, YouTube, Netflix, etc. Screen resolution is important.

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021Dont understand why not coming to Asia Oceana???? There is a chip shortage and that might be one reason. Google is using chips from last year that were probably left over which is okay.

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021Does it comes with a pre-installed screen protector?No, it does not come with a pre-installed screen protector. It does have Gorilla Glass 3. There is controversy whether anyone needs a screen protector although I think a high percentage of phone users have one.

Shaics, 06 Sep 2021Why does the Stats say that the 5a-5G doesn't have a S... moreThat is weird. The Pixel 5a 5G for sale in the US on the Google website does not have a sim tray.

Rikkon, 06 Sep 2021I've never owned a premium range phone, Always midrang... moreThank you very much for your in depth review. I owned phones (not mentioning the Symbian Nokia phones before) like:
Samsung Galaxy S i9000
Xiaomi Mi2s
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
LG G2 mini (my brother owned but I used it a lot too)
Xiaomi Mi A1
Poco X3 NFC (my brother owned but I used it a lot too)
Google Pixel 3a XL

I must say, the 64GB looks quite low to me. For last 2 years I had to clean files from my phone to make > 5GB storage available for more than 20 times. I have Google One with 200GB so I can upload my captured files and videos there. But lately I had to uninstall apps as well to make some space. I think for today's requirements 64GB is small. All my previous devices had sd card extension, but I do understand why they switched to no microSD (because of slower speed). I requested a review because I need display and battery benchmarks (highest brightness and battery duration).

I am not sure how accurate it will be, but if you have both the devices, can you please tell me whether the screen is more bright than pixel 3a? I own 3a XL but I also think that hardware-wise the displays are similar (though with different dpi). If you have an opportunity, please do check whether 5a is more bright under sun (or under very bright light). Thanks and Regards

Shaics, 06 Sep 2021Why does the Stats say that the 5a-5G doesn't have a S... moreYou are confusing MEMORY CARD SLOT with SIM slot. Please check again the part that you read 😉

Rikkon, 06 Sep 2021It's not huge. It's basically the same size as th... moreI own the Pixel 4a, and with hard case added it has the perfect size for one hand usability and pocket fitting. If google doesn't release the Pixel 5a Mini then my next phone will be another Pixel 4a.

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Rikkon, 06 Sep 2021It's not huge. It's basically the same size as th... moreBeatified fully screen and compact size. Beast cam all Google phone

YUKI93, 19 Aug 2021I highly doubt that since Pixel 6 is meant to replace the P... moredude, the 5a does have a headphone jack. double check it

mariubrlu, 18 Aug 2021Why did they made it so huge? Hopefully the non XL version ... moreIt's not huge. It's basically the same size as the regular pixel 3a. I have both phones and 5a is just a couple of millimeters wider and taller. They feel almost the same in the hand. The difference is that the screen of the 5a covers all the front with a small bezel

Budget user, 18 Aug 2021I already pre-ordered one here in the US. I like the scr... moreBest description ever!

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2021If I was forced to give up between the headphone jack and t... moreYour comment does not make sense in 2021. Removable batteries have not been around for years. If faster charging is not enough for you then there are many different options of power banks (portable chargers) and are safer than a spare battery

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2021So lots of small differences that add up against 4a 5g, met... moreYou are right, but I should add that the 5a is more oriented as an upgrade for people with the regular 4a or the 3a (like myself). There is where you can see and feel the differences and improvements.

beep bop boop, 22 Aug 2021Every phone supports dark modeI think he was talking about night sight mode of the camera, not the android dark interface

yannis, 25 Aug 2021No sir. The best is side mounted. You don't have to li... moreThere is best position for the fpr. I prefer it to be on the front or the side of the phone, but I know a lot of people who love it on the back. It all depends on how you use your phone. There is no phone capable of satisfying everybody needs. What can be perfect for you can be annoying or useless for other people