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  • Infidel

Devil Himself, 09 Sep 2021Tomorow or Monday at latest I am purchasing Xiaomi Poco X3 ... moreNo, it doesnโ€™t. 3 years of software updates do. Your Poco or whatever will end up being a brick in one year.

Devil Himself, 09 Sep 2021Tomorow or Monday at latest I am purchasing Xiaomi Poco X3 ... moreYou compare those two and decide. If you think those parameters are enough to justify your purchase, buy that phone.


Marky Mark, 09 Sep 2021I don't care about Apple and it's you who mention... moreWell then you can take your preference and not post in this phone page. How about that? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

You don't have to write on forums of EACH PHONE THAT YOU DISLIKE, unless you have lots of free time for coming up with personal preferences. You are supposed to post on forums of phones YOU LIKE.

Just my 2cents

  • Devil Himself

Tomorow or Monday at latest I am purchasing Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro 8GB/256GB,Snapdragon 860 + Adreno 640 .
What is it that justifies the price difference?
Oled screen?

  • Marky Mark

ElioX, 09 Sep 2021Flat sides are not as convenient as to hold rounded sides. ... moreI don't care about Apple and it's you who mentioned them. Never had any of their products and never will.

Give me a smaller Nokia XR20 with those flat rubberized edges and you can take my money. And while we are at it, without holes or notches - small bezels like latest Xperias are more than acceptable.

Probably you will say now that I am a Sony and Nokia fanboy. I have something new for you people from Idiocracy land : it's called personal preference.

Marky Mark, 09 Sep 2021Another "rubber tire design" phone. All edges rou... moreFlat sides are not as convenient as to hold rounded sides. Maybe you forgot the touch of a human, but it is also soft and rounded. Lately so many apple fanboys are around. Once apple got soft sides every apple fanboy was all over it. Now that apple returned back to iphone 5s times to 2013, apple fanboys also praised their move. Have your opinion guys

  • Marky Mark

Another "rubber tire design" phone. All edges rounded, sides round, corners rounded. It's like the kids designing for Google discovered Fillet command in their favorite CAD software. Look mum - no edges !

Never mind that flat sides allow for one basic thing which everybody forgot in this all-glass no -bezels super-camera era - to securely and comfortably hold your phone.

  • rik2022

Rikkon, 08 Sep 2021Prices of the Xiaomi phones are lower because the profit ma... morewaiting for pixel 5a to compare its in-hand feel with samsung a52s and fe 20 5g. not interested in xiaomi, realme, vivo, oppo, one plus, etc as they r ultimately cheap in quality even though they r cheap in prices

Hans, 04 Sep 2021because GG6 has better drop resistance than GG3, it is thin... morePrices of the Xiaomi phones are lower because the profit margin is very low and they use advertising and sponsorship as ways to reduce the price even more, but the quality of the phones are good. Not excellent but more than average in terms of construction quality, durability and support. Most of the bloatware can be removed or blocked so it's not unavoidable. Samsung phones are pricier and even the premium ones have bloatware and invasive publicity despite their profit margins are far higher

mariubrlu, 06 Sep 2021I own the Pixel 4a, and with hard case added it has the per... moreI get your point. Sadly it looks like, as the Galaxy S10e from Samsung, the 4a will probably be the last small phone from Google. Even Apple's iPhone 12 mini is considered almost a failure in terms of sells so it is unclear if there will be an iPhone 13 mini. I don't think the amount of people who prefer a small phone is such a small niche market that it doesn't justify the existence of at least a couple of models from different brands every year, but that's just my opinion

ElioX, 06 Sep 2021Thank you very much for your in depth review. I owned phone... moreSure the screen is brighter on the 5a! That was a problem with the 3a under direct sunlight but this one is a lot brighter. Not to the level of some Samsung phones because this does not have that bright booster functionality for specific scenarios, but still usable under direct sunlight. In terms of battery life, even with heavy use watching videos from YouTube and Tik Tok (I'm not sure why but Tik Tok drains the battery a lot faster than other apps, even compared to games like Asphalt 9).

JeffJ318, 06 Sep 2021That is weird. The Pixel 5a 5G for sale in the US on the Go... moreYes it has a Sim tray. I bought it from the Google store and of course I put my Sim card in it. As far as I know, even if you buy it with Google Fi it will have a Sim tray

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021Anyone know nits on displayYes. Read the review of the phone in this forum.

  • Anonymous

Anyone know nits on display

highway, 07 Sep 2021When is the test available ? thanksAs soon as it is finished. I think this is obvious.

When is the test available ?

  • OPTIMUS Prime

why you guys do not update the endurance of this device

JeffJ318, 06 Sep 2021That is weird. The Pixel 5a 5G for sale in the US on the Go... morePlease do check this link for i/o of google pixel 5a 5g:

the first point (1) located at left bottom of the screen is where sim tray is located ;)

JeffJ318, 06 Sep 2021No, it does not come with a pre-installed screen protector.... moreI always use screen protectors. I always buy matte ones because I do not like reflections on my device screen. I dont think everybody is same as me, though most people do apply some sort of protection (tempered glass or film). But I think it is not device manufacturer's responsibility to provide screen protector or any case in the box. Everybody should be free to purchase one if they need. Otherwise people who do not use (or do not like the included case/protector) will just throw them away - and this is just increasing waste production.

JeffJ318, 06 Sep 2021Should I still consider purchasing the Pixel 5a 5G with the... moreIf you dont need 4K60fps (exactly this configuration, but no other), then you should have no worries about this device.