Google Pixel 5a 5G disassembly confirms it's not the most easily repairable phone

Michail, 26 August 2021

Have you wondered what the inside of the brand new Pixel 5a 5G looks like? Well, PBKreviews has you covered with his latest disassembly video taking us through a detailed examination of what exactly goes into the latest affordable Pixel phone.

Once the screen is pried off we can observe a large black graphene film covering the 4,680 mAh battery as well as several covers over the mainboard and the rest of the internals. The screen also has a plastic frame surrounding by a water-repellent adhesive seal. Digging deeper we find the mainboard, cameras and battery, which requires some alcohol to be removed.

Pixel 5a 5G disassembly (source: PBKreviews)
Pixel 5a 5G disassembly (source: PBKreviews)

It all ends with a 5/10 reparability rating as the host is not impressed with the easily tearable pull tabs for the battery and cumbersome tape and screw array.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

>Google store support Not everyone lives in the first world, or even in the USA.

  • Anonymous

Not really. I'm still using an LG G5 on Android 7. User experience is still pretty great. Security is a non-issue since I don't keep anything important on my phone.

  • Migos

Welcome to post-capitalist hellscape, baby.

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