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CJ, 02 Nov 2021Owned the Pixel 6 for 72 hours before I had to return it, t... moreSounds like the area where you live the pixel 6 isn't properly supported in pixel 6 or it is an defective unit. Many defective units were reported during first few pre-orders. Though u can stay with your current phone and buy some other phone.

  • CJ

Owned the Pixel 6 for 72 hours before I had to return it, this phone almost cost me my job. The phone would disconnect from bluetooth device during calls, reliably loose audio during calls (two minutes into a call it would lose audio, every single call), and randomly drop calls. The Pixel 6 did not have service and could not send or receive calls at my place of work where my previous phone (same network) has been working without issue for over 2 years. This place of work is in direct line of site of cell phone towers.

I understand that I bought the Pixel 6 on the day it released, and bugs are bound to happen; but, how can a phone fail this bad at making phone calls? How was that not tested prior to launch.

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 01 Nov 2021The A15 cpu and gpu cores are arguably the most powerful on... moreThe Tensor SOC has a Mali G78 MP20, thus explaining why it's slower then the Mali G78 MP24. However, in the case of the Adreno 660, seemingly the Mali G78 MP20 does beat it quite convincingly in benchmarks. Within a 3DMark Wildlife test by ETA Prime (Youtuber), the Mali G78 MP20 reports an FPS of 39.70 (6,632 score) with the Adreno 660 getting an FPS of 32.60 (5,449 score). Within Antutu, the Mali G78 MP20 gets a GPU score of 301221, with the Adreno 660 getting 278054. Obviously there's no competition with Apple currently, hoping that will change with RDNA smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2021This phone only has a screen on time of 3.5 hours reviewed ... moreMarques is the most extensive user, he gets 5 hours with most flagships. Pixel has adaptive battery so it may get better over a few weeks

Amazing device at a tempting price!
But, what I really want is the Pixel 6 in a Pixel 5 body.
I really love the form factor of the Pixel 5, and I really like it does not have glass back. And I REALLY love the symmetrical bezels on the screen.

So please, do like Apple does, and create a Pixel 6a with a recycled Pixel 5 body.... Shell can be even plastic, it does not have to be a hybrid metal.


Jim, 31 Oct 2021CPU scores are just one thing. But the gpu ion this $599 de... moreThe A15 cpu and gpu cores are arguably the most powerful on this market (yes i admit it myself even though I am an apple hater itself). And the tensor soc can barely even match the adreno 660 or Mali g78 mp 24.

  • Anonymous

This phone only has a screen on time of 3.5 hours reviewed by MKBHD. Say no more so thars 1 percent battery drain every 2.5 minutes this is really poor for a new $600 phone its way below iphone 12 which has over 12 hours screen on time.

The 6 looks better than the 6 Pro from the back. The Robocop visor is placed slightly higher. The matte sides also feels nicer. I prefer the 6. Only thing I feel I'll miss is 4x optical zoom but not worth $300 extra.

  • Jim

Dudenoway, 30 Oct 2021Pros: Good camera hardware Upcoming tensor looks decent ... moreCPU scores are just one thing. But the gpu ion this $599 device is as powerful as the one on A15.

Best Camera Phone Forever

Gorpalm, 30 Oct 2021Been using it three days now (arrived on 27th) - The screen... moreThanks for the experience. How's the battery life? And the actualy camera photo quality (ultrawide, Night Mode, Video or Selfie)? What about the haptic feedback?

  • Gorpalm

Been using it three days now (arrived on 27th) - The screen's glass is the smoothest I've ever used, just the first revelation. Thicker and heavier than my S20fe 5G but gorgeous to hold, and the visor camera bump fades from significance after the first couple of "Wazzat??" moments. Haven't delved deeper into the OS for more of the goodies yet, but so far so lovely. Oh one bug - Some random presses yesterday w the camera on in the background led to camera showing black screen when active again - Had to restart the phone to get rid of it, trusting that'll be fixed w an update, Also legit hangover from my Samsung days, do Google ever think 128gb is enough in 2021? Anyone downloading hi-res/HD+ music and those gb are gobbled right up in the blink of an eye.

I got it on release day, set it up, looks a bit clunky but I could live with that, what I couldn't live with was that the camera was not as good as my 2 year old Huawei P30 Pro. Also the signal kept dropping, I live in an area that is like a blackspot in a city but beside my P30 it was struggling while the P30 had a constant signal. I've sunce put it back in the box and it'll be getting returned ASAP, I'll stick with my P30 til 5G coverage improves and hopefully so does the next installment of Google phones..

Good camera hardware
Upcoming tensor looks decent
Display isn't that good compared to others but it will do it.

Defects on early units
Only 90hz
No tele cam
Still barely available anywhere
Tensor soc isn't as fast compared to others by benchmark scores.

JDF, 29 Oct 2021No GSMArena review yet? Seems odd...The early units have some defects plus the review is in the process and reviews were banned but since gsmarena takes a week wait a few more days.

  • Anonymous

why are you late on your review for this phone??

  • JDF

No GSMArena review yet? Seems odd...

  • Tommy90

I have been waiting for this phone for what feels like so long.
I love everything about it except the bottom bezel. They have simply not narrowed this down to make the bigger one look more premium in the hope people will opt for the big boy.

Well for £600 I can live with a chunky bottom bezel (my justified case) it helps with gestures going home and multitasking.

  • Anonymous

Motoc85, 28 Oct 2021How the f.. k to pay for 6.4 display and battery 4000 and p... moreyour oneplus has a worse camera than a 2015 iphone, lol

  • Anonymous

Already had to replace it the phone, screen defect, purple and green tint when viewing a gray image, which are all of the colours of dark mode