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  • Emon
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  • 28 Apr 2023

virzlovsky, 23 Mar 2023I agree. I think there is now worse finger scanner on the m... moreTurn on Lift to wake up in Lock screen settings, hope it will fix the fingerprint scanner as Mine worked.

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    • Megatron
    • b{K
    • 27 Apr 2023

    Anonymous, 24 Mar 2023I'm using pixel 6 in Ghana , so far it's been a f... moreDoes it heat quickly as people say.?

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      • Anonymous
      • iFx
      • 21 Apr 2023

      Disappointed, 23 Mar 2023I try to buy a new phone as rarely as possible, so I usuall... morego 4 a huawei flagship or xiaomi...xiaomi 11T pro,12pro but specislly huawei

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        • PNv
        • 18 Apr 2023

        Camera advertised that it has a 50MPIXEL main sensor BUT
        Software limited to produce only a 12 megapixel image. VERY POOR ADVERTISING. Should just say Camera produces a 12Mpixel image.

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          • Anonymous
          • InL
          • 09 Apr 2023

          Sankardev, 08 Apr 2023The software issue The phone heats up very quickly Alwa... moreI agree with you
          the worst phone I ever had

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            • Sankardev
            • HxH
            • 08 Apr 2023

            The software issue
            The phone heats up very quickly
            Always the phone restarts

              Thanks my brother, please I like to know if 5g is working on the phone in Ghana

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                • Anonymous
                • XIa
                • 24 Mar 2023

                abuibeji, 12 Mar 2023Please is there anybody that using this pixel 6 in Ghana or... moreI'm using pixel 6 in Ghana , so far it's been a fantastic experience for me. I'm looking forward to getting the 7 Pro

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                  • Anonymous
                  • XIa
                  • 24 Mar 2023

                  Megavel, 19 Mar 2023I think you've got a bad device my friend that's ... moreVery honest review

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                    • virzlovsky
                    • nHa
                    • 23 Mar 2023

                    Anonymous, 19 Mar 2023- horrible fingerprint scanner - pretty bad battery lifeI agree. I think there is now worse finger scanner on the market. What is the function of it? Scan your finger 3 times and hit the pin? More than useless, an annoying obstacle....

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                      • Disappointed
                      • 8XX
                      • 23 Mar 2023

                      I try to buy a new phone as rarely as possible, so I usually go through a lot of research and Pixel 6 looked the most promising to me. Boy, was I wrong this time.

                      My last phone was Samsung Galaxy S10e bought in 2019. Its battery had become unreliable and I wasn't happy with the quality of photos it took, so I decided to switch to Pixel 6.

                      The bad:
                      - The front camera is not good enough compared to my previous phone that came out 3 years prior;
                      - The selfie camera is just a complete mess of artefacts and pixels if you're anything but staring at the sun. I won't lie if I say that's the worst selfie camera I've seen since Xperia in 2014. 2014!
                      - All apps are just dumped in the library. You can only organize them on the desktop, other than that it's just a pile of everything.
                      - Fingerprint sensor is iffy.
                      - Feels like the phone comes with no oleophobic coating at all. It became a murky mess after 2 hours of handling.

                      The good:
                      - Front camera is OK-ish. It focuses nicely and the faux-blur doesn't look bad.
                      - Phone design is nice.
                      - So far the battery is working OK.

                      This is my first time of not feeling like I have a new phone that is superior to my last. I have this bitter taste in my mouth and I will probably never reach to Google phones again and just revert to Samsung after a few years. I could've spent 1/8 of what I paid for it to replace the battery of my old phone and I'd be fine. Welp.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • pqW
                        • 19 Mar 2023

                        - horrible fingerprint scanner
                        - pretty bad battery life

                          Anonymous , 07 Mar 2023Google pixel 6 has been the worst phone I've had. I lo... moreI think you've got a bad device my friend that's basically the obvious truth. To you-all out there it's best you always ignore GSMArena comment section and just get a phone you do like. I always stalked here for months before getting my pixel 6 and tbh got so scared to get it cause of the awful comments but finally did, updated also and it has been the best decision made. It feels so good you could take your phone out there and no one's gonna try guessing it as some other brands, Very Unique build quality, display is excellent for me, Finger print works Smooth, top notch quality cameras even iphone 13, 14 $eries users still get blown away when ever they see my camera outputs both on Social media apps like snapchat cause the results are just amazing.Battery lasts up to a day+ on more than an average use, And with a bit of heavy use i prolly get to charge later in the evening of every day or at night. A 30watts Anker charger does so well I'm charging it and I'm not a fan of very first charging speeds also. So, there you have it if you ever wish to get a pixel 6, go get one yourself and use it yourself..
                          Extras: For gaming, I'm a gamer, PUBG precisely and after updates it does so well and the stereo speakers are very much ok for me also. Yea we know every phone tends to get warmer up after a few hrs ago gaming but that doesn't halt the performance a good cooler would take this to a whole new level.

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                            • Rahul
                            • rJj
                            • 18 Mar 2023

                            If anyone is not able to use 5G in India on pixel 6 and 6 pro, update to beta builds. They are stable, i am using qpr builds and 5G since December January.
                            Today March update was rolled out it has all the features.
                            If you are updating the beta build, read the changelog and bugs fixes.

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                              • trai
                              • U{H
                              • 16 Mar 2023

                              dazed, 18 Feb 2023hey! I'm also from Sri Lanka and been thinking of buyi... morebro im from sri lanka to did you get pixel 6 howq was your experience is it true about signal issue

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                                • Ray
                                • x{6
                                • 15 Mar 2023

                                stefan.chiriac, 14 Mar 2023No March update for my Pixel 6, anyone has the same problem?Same here. I've read that it would be on March 20th.

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                                  • Mehedi
                                  • 6p}
                                  • 14 Mar 2023

                                  Not able to communicate via voice call, worst experience in terms of voice call. Whatsapp and other call is OK but in terms of voice call it's totally impossible. Please work on that and don't frustrate us..

                                    No March update for my Pixel 6, anyone has the same problem?

                                      Please is there anybody that using this pixel 6 in Ghana or Nigeria to give us his or her experience

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • IJ9
                                        • 07 Mar 2023

                                        Google pixel 6 has been the worst phone I've had. I loved my pixel 3, it worked almost flawlessly. You can tell when the system needs an update. The phone slows and doesn't load. It overheats alot. I have tried moving all my apps to the battery saving and turned down all the screen etc and still overheats. The screen is not very touch sensitive and just over all a terrible phone. Doesn't always turn on even when pressing the power button. Have had a problem with this phone from the first week.