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Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021207gr is crazy heavy. gotta look for something else Not really, it's the same size and weight as the Note 9 despite having a bigger battery. So if you put it that way, it's not bad at all.

I would love an opportunity to handle one, but I likely won't buy it. I purchased the 5 back in May & I'm happy with it.

  • Jimbob

Needs to be a smaller version.

  • Matt

I think this is the phone that Google wanted to make when the Pixel 5 came out last year, but they couldn't get things to line up. The 5 was great, of course, but this is simply better. Everything about this phone's abilities impressed me enough to preorder, and I've never preordered a phone before. Well done.

Rikkon, 22 Oct 2021I understand some of the complaints about this phone, like ... moreAgree - I too would like to think that, if the 6 & 6P prove to be a success, they may release a slightly smaller version in form of a 6a or something of that ilk.

I shall wait with baited breath..

pocketable, 22 Oct 2021And where is a phone sized for pockets? Something that'... moreRegular Samsung S21 is around 152 mm tall so can be considered compact compared to the rest. Of course is bigger than an iPhone mini but definitely not huge

Rikkon, 22 Oct 2021What I find funny is how many people complained in the past... moreAm totally agree with you, it is true that the previous design was somewhat "boring" but I still liked, now, these new models? pfff I love them. We will see how its performance with those new CPUs, but aesthetically I do consider that they are better

Savitha, 23 Oct 2021Why stuck in 90hz? Google could have given 120hz 1080p. Eve... moreEasy, because the Pixel 6 Pro has 120hz, so why put 120hz in the most "economical" version. There must be that difference between both to give that "attention" that "something" additional to the Pro

Why stuck in 90hz? Google could have given 120hz 1080p. Even galaxy a52s has itπŸ˜’

pocketable, 22 Oct 2021And where is a phone sized for pockets? Something that'... moreif you looking for a flagship at that size you have just 2 options
one android one ios
zenfone 8 & iPhone 13
choose your warrior

  • The Circle

Calling this perfectly-symmetrical, technological marvel, a "headphone jack" may feel like an understatement...but technically, that's what it's called, so... fair enough. Behold! No Headphone Jack.



Minh, 22 Oct 2021Excited right ? Do you think pixel 6 is it better than huaw... moreIt's definitely better than P40.
P40 was released in october 2020, it came with Android 10. And guess what, it never was updated to A11. Also no google services, which isn't a good thing if you don't live in China. And Huawei doesn't allow to unlock bootloader which means no custom roms. So you will end up with A10 forever. Buying Huawei phone sounds like a very bad decision

  • pocketable

And where is a phone sized for pockets? Something that's under 150mm tall? Many do not want these 2020+ phablets that the market is spammed with. Might as well get a 7" tablet at this point, not much of a difference. Bring back "6a" etc. smaller phones that people can actually use and carry around not in a bag but in a pocket.

Apple still understands this and makes "mini" phones, same as other brands used to make regular sized phones 130-150mm tall, but not anymore.

It seems to have fallen pray to stupid marketing of bigger numbers are better, well not in the case of mobile device size. I don't care if it's 15mm thick, just don't make it a damn boat paddle with these gigantic proportions and long ultrasuperwide displays meant for 2.4:1 movies and nothing else much.

  • Worldpolice

You guys out there complain over Price Specs Colours sizes and Bumps I say make your own and see how far you get,. Be Grateful ffs

  • Minh

Excited right ? Do you think pixel 6 is it better than huawei p40 with vanilla android as pixel is ? Personally, i think no

  • Jimbob

The size & glossy back are a big no no. These things will get scratched up fast

Cannot believe my favourite slab phone the Nexus 5 have turned into this mess of a phone, what are they thinking colour scheme does not match and the trouble you will have putting this in pocket, what a mess it is horrible.. As for weight it does ache your arm on long phone calls whilst walking along the street. I predict a flop.

  • Anonymous

People complaining about the weight are weak AF

What I find funny is how many people complained in the past about pixel phones design being boring, lame and not using premium construction materials and bigger batteries (particularly in the past 2 - 3 years) and now complaint about the new design despite using last generation glass and offering a bunch of different color options plus batteries that, at least in terms of capacity, finally are big enough (we'll have to wait to see the performance). I think Google has made many mistakes in the past but is finally going on the right path on many aspects of the Pixel phones (not like, for example, LG). Of course they are behind Qualcomm, Apple, etc. But if the overall performance of the Tensor Soc is good enough, that will be a huge leap ahead for a "newcomer" in the chip industry.