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Adel J, 12 Nov 2021Regardless, phones have become something you use on daily b... moreAs for my experience, people who are concerned with how "premium the phone look" are the people who can only afford the one "premium" thing - the phone.

Adel J, 05 Nov 2021It's a shame to compare this beast with the S20 FE.> It's a shame to compare this beast with the S20 FE.

But I will. I had Pixel 6 for a couple of days. Returned that piece of a wtf, got S20 FE 5G instead.

And I'm much much happier with my Samsung now.

First - samsung has way more stable mobile connection when I'm at the very boundary of the network (like my house). Pixel 6 was showing "no service" in about 20% of all the time when I'm at home. S20FE 5G stays ALWAYS connected to at least 3G, with 1-2 bars but enough to make calls / receive texts.

As for 5G - max I was able to get out of Pixel 6 in the area of 5-bar of 5G signal was around 160Mbit down. S20FE 5G got me up to 800Mbit in download speed in the same physical location easily. (I'm in Europe)

Then the heating and battery consumption issue - P6 was constantly just doing something in the background, brings memories of old Android 2.2 devices that were constantly hot in your pocket - P6 was doing kind of the same. S20 FE 5G is much cooler when it is just resting.

Also the under-display optical fingerprint scanner - in S20 FE it is nearly instant, vs quite a noticeable lag in P6.

What I dislike about S20FE is the too bright by default display and its enforcement on using bixby for the power button long press (as a workaround I've enabled voice match to wakt google assistant from the lock screen).

But overall - Pixel 6 was a great disappointment for me. S20FE isn't something mind-blowing, it is not doing any outstanding new features or anything, but what's promised just works in it.

  • Anonymous

I have been using pixel 4a the past year, mostly upgrading for the camera, fresh design, and better battery. Only had the 6 a couple of days but might end up returning, such a brick of a thing and the fingerprint sensor just doesnt work and no face id... tried using the 4a again and its so much nicer due to its weight and size.

  • Sammy

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2021I’ve had the Pixel 6 for a few days now and here are my tho... morePity to is not good in term to fix their software. Even my pixel 4 widevine issue since report last year is not fix yet.

  • Gamester777

I do believe that they have mistaken the battery on the pixel 6 and 6 pro on this site they are saying that they have li-ion batteries. But due to teardowns I've seen they both have li-po batteries. In both devices the li-ion is shown on the battery this is correct but in very tiny writing on the batteries they say that the battery is a lithium polymer. So I'm not sure if theres a big difference but just wanted to shed some odd light on that subject.

TheHughMan, 12 Nov 2021The battery life on this thing isn't that great. And I... moreI remove it from charger at 7 AM and reach 1 AM with like 20% left and I'm moderate to heavy on using it. I really don't know what good battery is to you. This phone is on the same level of all other flagship phones.

  • Anonymous

I’ve had the Pixel 6 for a few days now and here are my thoughts. Coming from a OnePlus5, I can say all the Pixel 6 “Flagship” talk is hype. Maybe I should have bought the 5A 5G….
The phone is about the same width as the OP5, about a 1/8” taller, and really thick. And I’m not just talking about the obscenely large camera hump. It’s no lightweight either. It is at that weight where you really don’t want to hold it for extended periods of time, whereas I never felt that way with the OP5. It feels like a thick slab when you are carrying it around – certainly not as thin and “sexy” as the OP phones feel.
So I’ll miss the headphone jack – but knew that going in. I’d gladly sacrifice that for the IP rating. Battery life has only been fair, but if it does adjust to use, we’ll see. It did get really hot when doing the phone/phone usb-c cable dump. Interestingly, the EDGES got hottest – so they are using them to conduct the heat out. Nice that they give you a usbc-usbc cable.
The the fingerprint sensor is dire. There is no better word for it. Crappy would be praise. The software is so buggy that it sometimes asks for fingerprints but the digitizer is completely unresponsive. Enrolling the same fingers twice does seem to help, a little. The digitizer also has issues with sensing taps that were no issue on my OP5, causing me to pound repeatedly on it until it registers. Maybe its just slow processor rather than bad digitizer? More Tensor hype? I can only hope a software patch helps in this terrible user experience. I would not buy this phone for this reason alone.
As a OnePlus user, I love the double tap to wake and double tap to sleep. While the phone will wake when you lift it up, I really really miss the double tap to sleep. Google are you listening? How simple would that be to implement?
Sound is really good, and being stereo shows how much I really have missed having a phone in stereo. I think even the bluetooth audio sounds better than my OP5. OP users will also miss tapping the volume popover control to select a different source. Man that was handy. Google????
Charger situation is annoying. So no wall wart, and $25 is the min, from Google, for the faster charger. And apparently it doesn’t even fast charge, according to the reports. To make things even worse for OnePlus people – all those DASH chargers we spent a lot of money on – well they don’t work. No, not that they don’t charge quickly, THEY DON’T WORK. As in 80% when you plug it in and 78% a few minutes later. Yes, it DRAINS the battery. I’ve used these DASH chargers for all kinds of devices and everything has always charged (normal speed of course). What is going on here Google? I have tested an Anker supply with QC3.0 and it works OK (not fast, just works).
The screen – I’m no stickler for details here, seems good enough. I shut off 90hz as I want better battery life and don’t play games anyway. The only annoyance is the “adaptive” brightness level seems always just a bit dim. Would be nice to tweak that higher, but, yeah, it’s a pixel, so no control.
The proximity sensor also seem to be slow to respond (Tensor, really?). Maybe it just software, but it is sluggish compared to other phones. I think the range is also not very far. One more “not flagship” feature.
Everything else works as expected. Camera – no real opinions yet. And I did kill the battery on 2 units – no issues with the fingerprint reader dying as is being reported.

  • TheHughMan

The battery life on this thing isn't that great. And I'm not even gaming that much or watching a lot of videos.

qrck13, 10 Nov 2021You are buying the phone. Not the house. Who cares nowerday... moreRegardless, phones have become something you use on daily basis. So just like what you wear, a cheap looking plastic doesn't look good for me to have. I think such phone are good for teenies who often drop their phones so they made them something with cheap and more reliable (but definitely worse looking) so they can afford it.
Again, glass or even metal, they're both premium material and I'll always prefer having them on something i use daily.

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2021My greenhouse is sooooo premium , it has lots of glass....I... moreGood for you. Congrats!

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2021Glass front (Gorilla Glass Victus), glass back (Gorilla Gla... moreYeah that's Pixel 6.

  • Pixel 6 Owner

Digging it so far. Not saying other people haven't had legitimate issues, but I've only experienced one: The slow fingerprint reader. And even THAT isn't as bad as some are making it out to be.

Compared to my out-going LG G8 ThinQ
- Battery lasts much longer
- Screen colors are noticeably better
- Can't notice the difference in PPI -or- resolution (563PPI, to the Pixel 6's 411 / 1440p, to the Pixel 6's 1080p)
- 90Hz refresh rate is a noticeable difference
- Screen brightness: Sufficient (as expected)
- Speakers: MUCH better than the G8
- Camera: (Don't care)
- Size: Nearly identical
... Still miss the old 3.5mm jack though

  • Anonymous

Sohrab, 07 Nov 2021He reviewed 6 pro not this one. this one will have better b... moreNope

  • Breezy, 11 Nov 2021Which one do you prefer: Google Pixel 6 or Samsung S21+? The best phone in the world

  • nick

CJ, 02 Nov 2021Owned the Pixel 6 for 72 hours before I had to return it, t... moremine is dropping calls off bluetooth as well. The person will still be connected, so you can hear them out of the speaker on the phone.

Which one do you prefer: Google Pixel 6 or Samsung S21+?

  • Anonymous

Adel J, 09 Nov 2021I'm sorry but plastic phones are the ones to feel chea... moreMy greenhouse is sooooo premium , it has lots of glass....I got rid of the plastic door handle and got a glass one too....makes it extra posh

sami azza, 10 Nov 2021@gsmarena team,, are you planning to review this phone? ba... moreI've spent a week with it now and can say that for me, it easily gets through the day with 20-40% left. I don't play any games but use it frequently throughout the day.

sami azza, 10 Nov 2021@gsmarena team,, are you planning to review this phone? ba... moreI can say, battery isn't too impressive in Pixel 6. Not too bad, but can be way better.
I had it only for a few days only (returned for other non battery related reasons), but even with moderate usage - battery was half empty by the end of the day. You would not expect that huge massive battery to be half empty if you barely use your phone.
For comparison, my old Pixel 3a XL with the same level of usage might have over 70% of battery left by the end of the day.

Adel J, 09 Nov 2021I'm sorry but plastic phones are the ones to feel chea... moreYou are buying the phone. Not the house. Who cares nowerdays how it looks?