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  • 31 May 2022

stuckwithitnow, 30 May 2022Opening statement: This is by far the worst phone I've... moreU are very wrong ...u obviously haven't made use of many other brands.
The Google Pixel 6 is a great smartphone!!.

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    • stuckwithitnow
    • Q2S
    • 30 May 2022

    Opening statement: This is by far the worst phone I've ever owned. I'd even say worst device, period. Including mid 00's budget Acer netbooks when I was a broke teenager.

    My device route thus far has been Nexus 5 (not great), Galaxy S7 (decent), Galaxy S9 (pretty good), Galaxy S10+ (not great), Pixel 6 (absolute flaming pile of garbage), replacement Pixel 6 (IDENTICAL PERFORMANCE, confirming it's either standard, or such bad production that bunk trash outweighs working units)

    The blatant bot, shill, Google employee, and raging fanboy replies attacking anyone being critical are beyond pathetic. I'm not a paid shill, I'm not a competing phone company, I'm not an iPhone fanboy, I'm not an anti-google hater, I'm not a 90 year old technophobe, etc. Pull some new insult out of your ass and pretend your phone isn't a wildly varyingly priced lego brick.

    My Issues:

    -- power --
    - Battery life is average at best, and I'm not glued to my screen or running 40 apps at a time
    - Charging slow and not that great (30W charger even though it can only support 21W)
    + (both of which were tried with adaptive on and off AFTER it had time to "learn," barely makes a difference)

    -- reception --
    - Cellular reception is terrible even though I'm surrounded by high quality LTE+ towers
    - Wifi is slow (gigabit at home, no excuse in 2022) and often hangs on loading sites and content
    - Bluetooth: HAHAHAHA absolutely atrocious and unreliable.

    -- connectors --
    - USB to 3.5mm audio didn't work for the longest time, now it does but like ass (adaptor works well on other devices)
    - USB port is loose (I've tried a literal dozen, from stupid expensive to dollar store) which is infuriating when you're debugging code or syncing files and it disconnects because you moved your phone a few inches

    -- camera --
    - Camera takes cheesy and airbrushed pictures, usually 2004 era grainy until post-processing blasts it into an instagram cartoon
    - Low light astro mode is barely different from normal, but exposure takes like 10 seconds longer
    - The giant hump for these sucky cameras, are you KIDDING me? The phone's already an inch thick

    -- overall build --
    - It's somehow heavy AND hollow, feels like a toy with a chunk of lead hot glued inside it
    - It's a scratch/fingerprint magnet, neodymium even, it feels like plastic glass
    - Even with a case it collects every molecule of dust it can in its WAY too many cracks, seams, edges, and ports (how is it even possible to be worse than everyone else for this)

    -- software/UI choices --
    - No notification indicator besides the buggy as hell 3rd party 'aodNotify' (paid, still sucks)
    - No battery charging indicator when locked (really? you cant put a red and green dot anywhere on a screen that tries its absolute darndest to always be on?)
    - The menus are atrociously laid out with a lot of the basic things requiring multiple nested taps to get to when the whole point of a quick access area is QUICK ACCESS
    - Default settings were designed for an 80 year old from Mars. Who the hell uses a phone this way

    The never ending barrage of:
    - "just wait for the next update, it'll be fixed" shilling for critical BASE features that have been broken since day 1 (and remain broken, still),
    - "hurrrr sounds like you don't know how to use a phone / you're the problem" spamming by fanboys,
    - and "well mine works fine, must just be Q/C issues" when half of this is design/hardware choices and the other half is apparently outsourced 3rd world firmware ...

    is infuriating. I swear this thing is the Blockbuster of phones. Beloved by an extremely loud and thrashy few, destined to die abandoned by everyone else.

    Everyone says pixel phones start rough and get refined, but if you buy a phone at full price and it's only remotely useable by the time it's done being supported years later and time to upgrade - you never had a working phone. I can't stand that I was duped into paying to be a beta tester. Of course, because I got it replaced, thinking it was a bunk unit, and that process took me out of the return window with my provider, I am now stuck with this piece of actual garbage or stuck paying my way out. First and last, once replaced, it's in the trash.

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      • James
      • sg0
      • 30 May 2022

      Boomer, 29 May 2022I would have bought this phone but for one thing, no expans... moreProbably because of the IP68 rating

      Plus it has 128GB.

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        • Anonymous
        • Sr6
        • 29 May 2022

        Boomer, 29 May 2022I would have bought this phone but for one thing, no expans... moreTo sell their cloud storage packs

          I would have bought this phone but for one thing, no expansion slot.
          Why do phone companies think we don't need them anymore.

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            • Anonymous
            • pqW
            • 28 May 2022

            It's okay, but it has 2 flaws, which make it really hard for me to use it:

            1. Fingerprint sensor sucks.
            It's super slow and not reliable. It gets worse in dark. And it gets really bad with screen protector.

            2. It's too heavy.
            My old phone was 100g lighter and you can feel the difference. If you hold your phone with one hand for few minutes, you can feel it in your wrist.

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              • Nuel
              • HDS
              • 27 May 2022

              Priyanka Kwatra , 26 May 2022There is no face recognition for unlocking. Finger print fe... moreHow can you love a phone with this much deficiencies....

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                • Priyanka Kwatra
                • KSi
                • 26 May 2022

                There is no face recognition for unlocking. Finger print feature is slow. There is no charger head. Also no free Google space is provided which i heard comes with the Google phones. Else i am loving my phone.

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                  • M R
                  • vCh
                  • 24 May 2022

                  This is very disappointing that aby of Pixel 6 versions doesn't contain 3.5mm jack port. It cannot acceptable from GOOGLE.

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                    • q3r
                    • 23 May 2022

                    Gary, 19 May 2022Biggest thing to know is that the fingerprint sensor sucks.... moreI noticed the same thing. I found if you simply hold your finger on the spot for a couple of seconds it registers more accurately than if you hold it there briefly. But even that's not 100%.

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                      • Gary
                      • kRx
                      • 19 May 2022

                      Anonymous, 18 May 2022Im planning to buy it..any issues?Biggest thing to know is that the fingerprint sensor sucks. It's really bad. Other than that I've been super happy with the camera.

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                        • 7tU
                        • 18 May 2022

                        Anonymous, 09 May 2022i own this phone since 3 weeks now, loving this big timeIm planning to buy it..any issues?

                          loreii, 20 Apr 2022I got Pixel 6 as soon it becomes available in my country, j... moreYou should have gotten the S21. It is much lighter and smaller.

                            DixieShea62, 10 May 2022In April I decided to switch brands. I everything Google, ... moreThank you for the precious informations....My wife has a new seald S9+ 256GB exchanged on warranty, and i wanted to give her a decent upgrade after 3 years, i was tinking on the pixel i will surley go for S21 FE.

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                              • S3c
                              • 11 May 2022

                              ~6 months since availability, and some of the early issues that caused a storm of unhappy customers on Twitter are still not fixed.

                                In April I decided to switch brands. I everything Google, so I purchased the Pixel 6.

                                My initial thoughts: Larger than the Samsung Galaxy S9; I do not like that the finger sensor is on the front of the display; I'm disappointed with the wallpaper selections, the absence of themes; The lackluster Pixel Launcher; The power and volume buttons share the space on the same side of the phone; The personal customizations options are less than what would be considered industry standards. Disappointed yes. Will I go back to Samsung? Absolutely YES.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • X}L
                                  • 09 May 2022

                                  i own this phone since 3 weeks now, loving this big time

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                                    • v}U
                                    • 05 May 2022

                                    Vlad, 04 May 2022I had pixel 3 and 4a 5g, both great phones. Pixel 6 is a m... moreFake reviews 🤣

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                                      • Vlad
                                      • L@9
                                      • 04 May 2022

                                      I had pixel 3 and 4a 5g, both great phones.
                                      Pixel 6 is a mess
                                      Slow, runs hot, battery last only 24h on idle, finger print reader is a joke.
                                      Worst phone google ever made.
                                      I hope to have smt like 4a 5g back.

                                        Kay, 20 Apr 2022Worst phone I've had. More and more bugs everyday. Kee... moreYou most likely don't even own the phone. Bot