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  • Anonymous
  • y6V
  • 09 Jul 2022

Velibor, 08 Jul 2022I agree with you. They make bad design... Nexus 5 was somet... moreWhat? Pixel 6 looks way better than Nexus 5 and that phone is outdated 😵

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    • Velibor
    • Liq
    • 08 Jul 2022

    dss, 05 Jul 2022Terrible design and perfect soft- and hardware. And, well, ... moreI agree with you. They make bad design... Nexus 5 was something they should follow.

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      • Jasmine
      • Yb0
      • 06 Jul 2022

      I got the pixel 6 last week and I'm returning it this week to keep my iphone 11. It's not user friendly at all. I get text messages and the notification is not visible enough to alert me even with "do not disturb" off. Considering I switched specifically for the camera, it's terrible with organizing photos in folders. The pictures I manually downloaded from the icloud are not sorted by date taken even though the filter is set that way. So it's just a bunch of random picture I now have to sort through to find what I'm looking for. In addition to that when I edit a pictures, it saves it in a different folder and makes a copy of EVERYTHING when I just want to edit the original. And that's just one of the many problems. Not worth the hassle!

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        • Alexis
        • 8bQ
        • 05 Jul 2022

        My P6 experience so far is its best smartphone I have ever had. I had 2 pixels and Samsungs before this and it is a wonderful phone. I received it in late October, took the mid-November update, did not take the December update due to it being buggy. Took the January update which made the fingerprint work a lot better, smoother, and a better experience. Took the February update and no problems. Finally, took the March, April May, and June updates and everything is working very well. I have Google Fi and it uses Tmobile 5G in my rural area which is very fast. The camera, speed, memory, battery life (more than 35 hours) is great! Call screening, integration with messages-on-the-web, magic eraser, on-hold assistant, etc. work very well.

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          • dss
          • 01c
          • 05 Jul 2022

          Terrible design and perfect soft- and hardware. And, well, no bloatware
          Geek's choice:)

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            • Sin
            • iK4
            • 05 Jul 2022

            This phone should have been a failure
            but none tech people have been tricked by google and the payed tech reviewer hype and i can't get them too understand that the phones just fast enough so people can't see what the problem is but the specs are not as good as they seen
            The google tensor is about snapdragon 870 tier level
            This phone is performance and specs is not as good as what you buy for you should be getting so much more
            also this phone is bad value for money don't be fooled

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              • codo
              • xGe
              • 05 Jul 2022

              Truly one of the worst phones I've ever owned. No excuses for a company with google's resources to deliver such a flawed device

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                • Rovin
                • TR1
                • 29 Jun 2022

                I have return and got the refund. Performance is not good for networking. Receiving call on ESIM is a challenging task, whole screen goes white and phone get disconnected and shows missed call. It happens in most of the calls, there is a issue with google dialer in Pixel 6.
                software Update of 400 mb takes 2 days. But for physical sim no issues in receiving the call but most of the time with full signal strength it gives phone is switched off.

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                  • Ridiculust
                  • saZ
                  • 29 Jun 2022

                  Continuum, 05 Feb 2022I switched from many Samsung phones, last one was S21 to Pi... moreI'm with you on that. My Pixel 6 has been perfect since day one. even my fingerprint sensor works fine and that's with a screen protector on it.

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                    • Normal user lol
                    • Yew
                    • 27 Jun 2022

                    Anonymous, 07 Jun 2022Are you kidding it's a horrible phoneYo iphone kiddo get out of this site, this is 100 times better then your iphone

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                      • Mobilenood
                      • tes
                      • 26 Jun 2022

                      KrystalKryo, 23 Jun 2022From a specification perspective 9rt if you dont mind the l... moreThanks for the input bud!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • StU
                        • 25 Jun 2022

                        Sabo, 21 Jun 2022You obviously never used a pixel. People buy it for the sam... moreIs this a joke? Pixels "just work"? Is that why this model has been a buggy mess from day one?

                          Mobilenoob, 23 Jun 2022Should I get the Oneplus 9RT or Should I look at Pixel 6. A... moreFrom a specification perspective 9rt if you dont mind the lack of wireless charging and ip water resistance rating

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                            • Mobilenoob
                            • tes
                            • 23 Jun 2022

                            Should I get the Oneplus 9RT or Should I look at Pixel 6. All opinions are welcome.😋

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                              • Dean
                              • 816
                              • 22 Jun 2022

                              The pixel 6 is NOT 50MP it's 12.5 which is mentioned nowhere. I think personally its false advertising. The 50 megapixels is "split 4 times" and should "improve color accuracy" but takes worse pictures than my galaxy s9 at 12mp. The screen is absolutely subpar for what you pay and the sound quality is shite to say the least.

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                                • Sabo
                                • 3uG
                                • 21 Jun 2022

                                Anonymous, 17 Jun 2022How come my £189 Xiaomi has a better OLED than the £599 Pix... moreYou obviously never used a pixel. People buy it for the same reason, as some buy iphones. It just works, always.

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                                  • Adubs
                                  • AAe
                                  • 21 Jun 2022

                                  £100 off. And put price back up, anyone would think a 6a would be released soon. Then offer a voucher!
                                  Almost as funny as the hundreds of people trying to eBay the phone for more than could buy one new.

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                                    • Pp
                                    • 7t}
                                    • 20 Jun 2022

                                    Nuel, 27 May 2022How can you love a phone with this much deficiencies....Love is blind!

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • StU
                                      • 17 Jun 2022

                                      How come my £189 Xiaomi has a better OLED than the £599 Pixel 6? The colour unfiormity and viewing angles are weak for this price point.

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                                        • Dony
                                        • XAk
                                        • 15 Jun 2022

                                        Anonymous, 14 Jun 2022this is not trueIt's true, only countries where it's officially on sale, other countries blocked. I'm using it in Croatia but only 4g....garbage phone, maybe 250-300$ range