Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro

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  • Ashim

Only one word to describe this design "UGLY"

  • jello

Deepak, 13 Jul 2021It's not just about supporting microSD, it's also... moreI think the majority of people will be fine with the slower performance for the benefit of using microSD

  • chucklesx

Man this is fugly.

  • Deepak

jello, 11 Jul 2021Will Google EVER add microSD card support to their phones? ... moreIt's not just about supporting microSD, it's also about the performance
Any add-on storage can never match the performance of the ultra fast internal storage.
It's like comparing the performance of the internal SSD of a PC with an external USB storage.

  • faabs

I'm using pixel3 after 2xl,i love the size.6pro ig little bigger i think .but features are awesome ,camera 120htz,5000 mah,5yr update etc. ram and look..waitinng for a big change, will it available in India?

  • hareesam

Looking forward to buy one of these. Looks really great. Now that the vanilla version of android 12 looks and works great better than most of the android skins, this would be the android phone to get

I am currently using Pixel 2 device without any single issue, it is the device i love most. Thankyou Google for innovate this beautiful productive device.

Mr.Android, 12 Jul 2021Pixel phone battery sucks. Draining so fast I guess you talking about the pixel 4 with 2800mAh. The pixel 6 has 5000 almost twice as much. Plus the 6 will most likely have a more efficient soc.

  • Mr.Android

Pixel phone battery sucks. Draining so fast

  • jello

Will Google EVER add microSD card support to their phones? Everyone always complains about the Pixels not supporting microSD and they refuse to give customers what most every other brand phone has. Don't worry Google, people will still buy the overpriced 256GB storage version. Preventing a basic feature like microSD makes you look greedy and consumer unfriendly.

  • JP from Mars

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021Looks like a pokeballIf you open that Pokeball you'll see the Green Android Character coming out of it

these specs are at all accurate the I'd have to agree that google will probably have made the best camera phone once again.

imo the cheap pixel works because p4a is a good phone but it also doesn't work because google has devs who need to be let loose and make tech without compromises.

  • Anonymous

LOL, 02 Jul 2021Pixel phones are never 'popular' because it is a ... moreAgree Samsung have upped the Ante, things like updates and software like One UI . Pixel are very over priced for what they are.

  • Anonymous

Looks like a pokeball

  • Jakub

TheReactr, 04 Jul 2021A lot of this was just guess-work. There are no official sp... moreAs many have said, most of these specs are total guesses. We know the chipset will be googles GS 101 aka Whitechapel. Most estimate it being roughly equal to 870, though it will likely feel much faster thanks to googles optimization. 12gb 256 sounds right. So here is what is most likely:

gs101 = slightly above sd870
12gb ram/ 256gb
50mp new Samsung sensor with wide angle and periscope lens, and some nice features
Upgraded self camera
android 12
5000mah battery
1440p (no way it's only 1080p) adaptive 120hz
6.67 inch screen
Stereo speakers (most likely 1 bottom, 1 front)
5g/wifi 6
dual sim
I'm pretty sure soli is coming back (pro only)

Those are the ones I care about most at least. I also predict that the pixel 6 pro will be the best camera phone out there, and it won't be close.

  • TheReactr

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021395 ppi on a 2021 flagship phone.. Why? My old pixel 3 xl h... moreA lot of this was just guess-work. There are no official specs yet, take everything you see (even the renders) with a grain of salt, though I do hope most of this is true. Considering the 3XL and 4XL were both 1440p, I'd be surprised if the 6 Pro is actually going to be 1080p

  • are you new to GSM

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2021395 ppi on a 2021 flagship phone.. Why? My old pixel 3 xl h... moreBecause it is random specs and completely incorrect. GSM loves to do that with adding phones with random or speculated specs of phones that are not released.

6 Pro definitely will be QHD+ with 120hz and above 500 ppi.

  • Anonymous

395 ppi on a 2021 flagship phone.. Why? My old pixel 3 xl has a better resolution than that.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2021Yes! The Pixel 6 Pro might be the best looking Google phone... moreThe best looking is the pixel 5 for me

  • Anonymous

Good design on the pixel, but the back and the camera placement just looks a bit odd.