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  • Mobsyr

Why curved screen๐Ÿ˜ก

In response to the person who asked about the facial recognition, neither the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro have the necessary hardware for facial recognition.

You can get rid of the Google search bar if you install Nova launcher, Not sure if it works on the free version because I have the paid version installed.

  • Alphamate

Bad Sector, 21 Nov 2021I really wanted this phone to be good, I do hate iOS but al... morePixel doesn't have any problems. They just fixed the fingerprint, that was the only rare case. Almost all the bugs/issues were with Android 12, and yes the bugs will definitely be fixed in December patch. Pixels are known for amazing frequent software updates.

I really wanted this phone to be good, I do hate iOS but always envied the build quality of iPhones, I will wait couple of months to see if software updates fixed all the current pixel problems or maybe get s22

  • AnonD-1019084

Don't know how everyone is getting bad battery life and heating problems. Have no such problems on mine at all & I think the design is nice next to all other boring phone designs ou there. Remember Samsung made S10 range with similar camera shape at back

  • AnonF-1009694

Kingjay, 20 Nov 2021I bought the Pixel 6 Pro sorta sunny 128gb variant today. ... moreYour battery life will improve alot more throughout the weeks as the tensor chip learns your usage patterns and habits.

I bought the Pixel 6 Pro sorta sunny 128gb variant today.

My experience so far are as follows:

1.Buttery smooth screen with 120hz display.
2. Speakers are excellent.
3. Cameras are excellent as well better than my brother's iPhone 12 pro max.
4. Feels so premium while holding it and again better than holding the iPhone.
5. Pixel only features such as magic eraser and best haptic feedback while typing was the cherry on top.

1. When I loaded the phone for the first time and while transferring data from my old phone, the Pixel was overheating like anything. I don't know whether it was the security update or the fact that I turned on battery saver which lowered the temperature. I was utterly disappointed because of this.
2. Fingerprint was a tad slow in the beginning but security update resolved this issue.
3. Another major gripe with this phone is the battery life. My previous phone was galaxy m30s and that phone has a beast of a battery and lasts almost 2 days of heavy usage whereas the pixel with light usage as well as due to overheating drains the battery like anything and I had to switch on battery saver because of this.

Final verdict
Though there are significant issues I believe that future security updates will fix it. I had to pay a hefty premium for this phone since it just released where I live and it was a Japanese variant
as well. Nevertheless this phone is worth every penny and just using it for a couple of minutes you will realise why.

  • Anonymous

No 5G , no Lte for several countries . . .Lock from Google....

Ketum is power, 14 Nov 2021Everywhere i go, people now fighting and killing each other... moreCouldn't have been more true. Maybe you could be a mediator, interrupt fights and be like, "hey stop, we prefer peace here!

John, 14 Nov 2021Lol, stop spouting nonsense like that. Removing the headpho... moreThat is just your opinion, but I believe that wireless earbuds are more convenient than wired earbuds. I literally switched from listening wired to wireless, and, you guessed it, I didn't notice a difference in sound quality. Especially if you get good wireless earbuds (like galaxy buds), the sound quality is not bad at all. But if you do get bad ones, like my Jaybird Vista, you start to notice connection issues and lag.
Now really, trade blows for convenience, because while you do just have to connect wired earbuds, and you don't have to pair them via bluetooth, it still is inconvenient to tangle and untangle them everytime I want to listen. And as some who listen's on their phone, I would prefer it if I didn't have a wire dangling all the time, even if I have to worry about battery life, I still prefer this convenience. Just get quality wireless earbuds and your fine.

  • Gi Gi

Bad shaped Cell phone. Does not appeal to eyes. No glamour no aesthetics. Google should work on this

  • ADI

Raye, 18 Nov 2021The way that some y'all dragging OnePlus 9 pro coz of ... moreNeither is the iPhone or Samsung! All have thermal issues.. Lmao

I would like Google Pixel 7 Pro with

1.4 Aperture in main and front camera protected with Sapphire

4K @ 240fps HDR10+ video recording

4nm processor

Hi-Fi Quad DAC Audio

IP68 Dust and Water resistant with upto 9 meters

Dolby Vision 4K OLED Display @ 120Hz and Sapphire protection instead if Corning Gorilla Glass

Starlink Satellite Internet connectivity (if possible)

MIL-STD-810G or H Cerification

The way that some y'all dragging OnePlus 9 pro coz of thermal issues yet this phone is no different. lmao

  • AG

Tech20, 16 Nov 2021This is the Pixel's identity now! I personally love th... moreLove it โค๏ธ

  • AG

moss, 16 Nov 2021It has the best cameras BT that back is so ugly try to be c... moreThe back looks awesome ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ love it so much ,is different not ugly iPhone or Samsung

  • Wes

YUKI93, 14 Nov 2021Lol, please. If you really believe that, why would Tidal an... moreIve noticed zero change in quality from them.

  • Tech20

moss, 16 Nov 2021It has the best cameras BT that back is so ugly try to be c... moreThis is the Pixel's identity now! I personally love the back visor. I think Google will keep for their next 2 flagships.

It has the best cameras BT that back is so ugly try to be creative next time