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Google Pixel 6 Pro

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AnonD-930503, 22 Oct 2021There are only two phones in the market, and they are compl... moreFor now, yes, the only brands that are worth buying, the most does not work

  • AnonD-930503

There are only two phones in the market, and they are completely different, with design, with chipset and wit os, OS is pure: iOs and Android
1. iPhone 13 pro and Google Pixel 6 pro
Other phones copy and paste
PS; I know you will tell me Huawei but now that brand is can't compete with any

hahahah, 22 Oct 2021but the main question is can you delete google search bar ... moreNova launcher and problem solved

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2021Snapdragon 865 speeds aren't too bad, but in a two mon... moreThe darog 865's mouth is still a super capable processor, and it will be for several more years, I am almost sure that it is more capable than the google tensor

  • hahahah

but the main question is can you delete google search bar from home screen. lol guess NO

  • DrEvil

Finally a proper high end G phone. After being let down by Oneplus’ buggy software and late updates it feels nice to have another competitive option that isn’t Samsung. Love the new design, makes me nostalgic of the Nexus 6P I never got to own. First time being excited enough to preorder.

  • Don Jon Bovi

The best phone so far for 2021, waiting for google pixel 7 pro.

  • Anonymous

TheWanderer, 21 Oct 2021tensor is exceedingly underwhelmingSnapdragon 865 speeds aren't too bad, but in a two months it'll be two generation old which at this price isn't looking good

IMO the Pixel 4 is still the best design out of all the Pixels.

The 4 has a more cleaner and minimalistic style, this one has a busier design. I also prefer the more rounded screen corners of the 4. I honestly dunno why they made the corners more 'sharper' on the 6, feels a bit backward? Anyways not hating on the design, the cool and unique back design is exactly what we needed, but the Pixel 4 looks a bit more aesthetically pleasing imo.

Dami Agunbiade, 21 Oct 2021I can't lie I love the new Pixel 6 Pro. It looks so aw... morejust do 1 year or 2 year contract? you anyway will use it 2 years at least. I already did, if you preorder in UK before 27oct they also give you free Bose 700, I preordered already, can't wait, after years of staying with Xiaomi it's time to switch for Pixel :D

  • Tiramisu

I'm eager for a full review of this phone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1014095, 21 Oct 2021I want 512gb with 18gb Ram NVME SSD periscope camera 10x... moreBuy a different phone then

Have you seen samsung note 10? The front design same as pixel 6/ 6 pro. Just the back design make a difference

  • AnonD-1018330

This is the first android phone that i really like so much.

Design is so pretty, i love the camera setup! It's so different than nowadays devices. That retro look on the back is just magnificent!
The display is incredible, it even has LTPO 120hz display which will be amazing for battery life!
And of course it has its own chipset! That's huge.
Overall this phone is promising, i can't wait to see reviews on these ones!

Some screens out there are great (OPPO Find X2 Pro and Vivo x70 Pro Plus). OLED label does not suffice. Needs a human eye and a few HD pics to appreciate today's great screen. Looking for some good reviews.
Yes, is Google using WiFi even when the icon is off to read your position? Will Google even tell?

Your Neighbour, 21 Oct 2021oh well, i really want that Pixel 6 pro. It has android ... more... and SS frame. No word if I can turn off 5G (some phones can).

  • stiw

I really appreciate the thought put in to the camera bar. Looks much more modern and allowingamera's in the future without adding more circle's i

  • Anonymous

TheWanderer, 21 Oct 2021roflYea really
More like £1400

  • PocoFairRedmi

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021Considering that you can get a USB-C to 3.5mm analog connec... moreNaaah, your are just simping for the company that sells you the $150 bluetooth earbuds, which are almost throwaway as their battery runs out, generating more e-waste. And you cheer for them by trashing on the people that see a legitimate use for the 3.5mm jack, while the company treats you like a cash pinata. Wanna give me the "sTart yer oWn pHonE c'mPaNy" line, or the "don't like don't buy" crap? OK, do so, but you are simping for a company that does not care about you other than to milk you out of your hard-earned cash at every turn possibe. You are paying for an already overpriced flagship phone. Do they really need to nickel and dime you out of yet more money for overpriced earbuds and chargers? Users should hold them accountable and not take that crap before other companies start following the trend.

I can't lie I love the new Pixel 6 Pro. It looks so awesome. I wish I had £1000 I would pre order that thing in a heartbeat. The design is one of my favourites. By far.