Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro

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Best spec with worst design. Orange color is not match with black and white.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 May 2021I think google should quit from making smartphones. They ar... moreThey shouldn't.
If anyone can make a phone able to flawless run the software created by Google (Android), it's... Google!
That's why Apple phones are where they are now...
Body (phone) + soul (software) = love.

  • mak

front side looks like note10 pluse & back side looks like S10 pluse

  • Still

Still dont have SD slot?
U think 128gb enough this day?
Im sure your price will be nonesense at all
Now already 2021 google
Even Nokia better then u
Same OS pure android stock
Im stick with Nokia 8.3 and Nokia 9

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 May 2021I think google should quit from making smartphones. They ar... more+1

  • Lol

I bet the price must be pretty high like Apple and Samsung
I rather buy Xiaomi or Oneplus almost same spec with lower price
Google should stop making phone
I wonder how much for this one??
Even 4gb 64gb price for pixel 4XL this crazy compare u can get 6gb to 8gb ram with price of 4gb ram pixel like 3xl n 4xl
Such a waste money google

  • Anonymous

I think google should quit from making smartphones. They are running out of designing ideas. They don't make enough power to compete with the market. And don't wanna price drop for a consideration to buy as a midrange phone. Just a little gimmicks for show off. I was a google pixel fan before but not anymore. I'll stick with Samsung and Apple.

  • pal9

It is going to be best smartphone of the year, Golden color is gorgeous in looking but price should be less than 1000$.🙏

This Pro variant is too big in terms of size, I suppose regular one will be more practical. SD870 would be a great chipset to put in, if not already SD888. I currently use SD865 5G and I must say everything is super fast and fluid.
Camera will hopefully get periscope upgrade, though the part around it at the back side is a disaster. Can't believe Google engineers couldn't put more effort in terms of design.
Battery of 4500-5000mAh should be enough for regular use and phone to endure 1-1.5 days of usage.
I don't get people who nowadays still complain about the storage. Now when we have Cloud applications, YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud... Why would 128gb be insufficient... But I guess we're all different.

  • ridwan

it kinda makes me sad how they literally trashed yrs of the "simplicity yet power" look they give to their phones...guess nth lasts forever

the camera bump look so ugly, google should have just tweaked the original design instead of going for this :\

Anonymous, 25 May 2021Xiaomi is cheap because they don't spend money fixing ... moreMan thats a big lie.
Among al Softwares or OS apple have worst full of bugs laggs and even worse thing and every fix will ad much more problems than they trying to fix.
Samsung UI is also crap. Just for example for what case i need to have Google chrome and Samsung internet at same time in single device??? Both act as a part of the OS and both cant be deleted. Google chrome is a lot beter than Samsung Internet then why i can get rid of that. Many else Samsung apps works same. Bout google software i cant tell i never had a google overpriced phone. But as i said before Xiaomi for half te price does same tricks no need to pay 600 for google ugly device.
Just for example Xiaomi M3 5G does same tricks and is alot cheaper.
About the UI adds can be easily turned off in settings and xiaomi is updating with MUI even the 5-7 years old devices because they care about they customers instead of Google, Apple and Samsung which care only for money.
End of story.

  • Space Brother

Dhaysh90, 25 May 2021I'm buying day one I lost faith woth google before and... moreMy Pixel 3aXL was my first and only Pixel. Its the best phone I have ever had.
I am really glad to see that Google is very committed to their Pixel line!

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 24 May 2021thats not my pointwhat a shame

Anonymous, 25 May 2021Xiaomi is cheap because they don't spend money fixing ... moreYes indeed. I went for a note 10 lite from samsung, but my friends were keep telling me about some xiaomi phone for less money and about same specs with same points in geekbench.
I went for the samsung cause it actually have a good and stable operating system.
I look at my father in law and see him getting mad at his cheap xiaomi day every day becouse of random bugs that appear without any reason.
Phones from google, samsung, maybe from apple too, yoi buy them not just for hardware, but for relieble software too.
At least this is my opinion after having used various phones.

Whwn you pay little, you get little, this is a saying learned in my place

  • Kix

Will Google ever add an SD slot in their phones? Everyone has always complained about lack of storage yet they don't listen to the customer. I don't care if they increase the base minimum to 128GB or 256GB. SD storage is a lot cheaper and people want the choice to add the size they want.

This phone looks breathtakingly great

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 24 May 2021Bleach Yuck this thing is ugly. Even half baked Xiaomi is... moreXiaomi is cheap because they don't spend money fixing their shit software. When you're spending extra money on Samsung, iPhone or pixel phones, you're also paying towards the best software

I'm buying day one I lost faith woth google before and I regret it. No phone in the market has the same experience as pixel phones, camera is unbeatable in real life and while everyone who didn't use pixel 5 complain about performance its a great phone with no lag and no slowdowns. Pixel phones are different type of phones and for me who used and experiment with all types of phones pixels are the best experience.

WHYYYY, 24 May 2021Why there is no infrared for high end devices?Mi 11 series has it