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  • Anonymous

507AMS, 04 Nov 2021I don't see too much people complaining (shouting to t... moreBro it's a flagship, having no headphone jack or micro sd card is expected

8 days with this phone and I've had it. The battery life on this thing is appalling, it barely lasts a working day and that's babying the device. I literally have to stop using it to make sure I have enough battery to make it home. Add to that the dim screen and average photos which are no better than the Pixel 4A 5G that I had. This phone is going back....Very poor Google...

  • sanman202

TerriblePhone, 03 Nov 2021This phone is absolutely awful. I upgraded from the 4 XL a... moreAny issues with be fixed with software updates. If you're a Nexus/Pixel user for a while that's something they always do. In rare cases there are lemon devices that have hardware issues, that's another story but obviously the majority of the Pixel 6's will be just fine.

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021Just buy the best phone at the market samsung s21 ultra 5G... moreUnlike you, I'm not made of money

Alpha Mate, 04 Nov 2021Pixel 6 Pro has so much potential. Never seen any company w... moreI bought the Pixel Pro 6 and ran Geekbench 5 on it, and for anyone who is interested, the Single Core rating was 1051 (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 924) and the multi Core rating was 2818 (Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 2612).

This phone has been engineered for us to train Google's AI more effectively. In essence, we are the ones who improve Google's products and yet the phone is always expensive. In some sense, we are the "product". For all our contributions to their artificial intelligence, this phone should cost no more than $5.

  • Alpha Mate

Pixel 6 Pro has so much potential. Never seen any company with such a great hardware... truly impressed by the text to speech and live translation.!

  • Alpha mate

GGT, 04 Nov 2021That's a poor endurance given the battery capacity.Its an adaptive battery if you know what that is! The chip is still learning their usage and they put a review already. Give me a break! HaHa
Adaptive battery takes a week or so to learn ur usage and then it starts to kick in and improve really well!! Im wondering, even in this early review the battery managed it well guess after 2 weeks it would just blow their mind.

  • GGT

That's a poor endurance given the battery capacity.

  • Anonymous

507AMS, 04 Nov 2021I don't see too much people complaining (shouting to t... moreBecause manufactures don't care about us so we gave up
They want to force us to buy their wireless stuffs and higher capacity smartphones
3.5 jack hole and sd card slot doesn't makes any harm to them except that
For them money is god

  • Anonymous

I am very upset with the battery

  • Tech20

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Dxomark 135 for rear cams and 102 for front Shame behind o... moreYour are right but Huawei does not matter anymore because they don't have G services. So, makes this a much better choice cuz its cheaper, reliable and the best phone of 2021. ๐Ÿ˜

Good phone๐Ÿ‘

  • Anonymous

No matter how high spec's they need to add audio very necessary...

Ricky Villacrez, 03 Nov 2021They're upNow you need to compare it to Vivo X70 Pro+ Ricky. I think the real apples to apples comparison would be that.

I don't see too much people complaining (shouting to the world) about the lack of 3.5mm audio jack and external memory card slot...hypocrisy at its best!!!!!

  • dyjohnny

Where are the camera samples to compare in the compare tool?
I can't seem to find any.

  • Anonymous

Dxomark 135 for rear cams and 102 for front
Shame behind one year old mate 40 pro
I thought could be new king but not


dont know why....i'm loving this phone

looking at the night pictures.. why did you take those pics at dusk ? just because the lights are on? :) i'm kidding, of course, but the colour of the skies, in all pics, is like the sun is still right under the horizon and the night is not yet in, or is just before the dusk and the skies are cloudy. those are NOT looking like night shots, just late evening images. certainly there are not images to be used as illustrations for a photo album or alike :) i'd rather get a good unprocessed pic, all info's in, deal with the dark areas with the photoshop or something similar and get real night pictures i can use for more than just instagram or alike.