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  • 21 Jun 2022

Tomy159, 20 Jun 2022No mate, After March update battery life is madness, and n... morePerhaps trying out a non vendor os like graphene

    patxtra, 13 Jun 2022is the battery life up to your standards?No mate,
    After March update battery life is madness, and now new June update it is worse. I like pixel 6 pro but google killing this device of battery life.
    From the box I got full nice day with 8+ hours on display.
    March update put down to 6+ on display for me mean put on charge during day,
    June update take me to 4.5+ on display max I got in 7 days on June update 5.5+ hours. That mean need almost 2 times full charge pho e where is NOT fast charging.
    That night mera for me. Yes maybe I'm heavy user because I use only phone not pc or tablet and I not even play games.

      Geronimo Arizpe, 17 Jun 2022I bougth Pixel 6 pro around 2 weeks ago and once I turned i... moreyour phone is possessed, do some voodoo ritual.

        i'm going back to this phone, after new update

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          • Geronimo Arizpe
          • nH{
          • 17 Jun 2022

          I bougth Pixel 6 pro around 2 weeks ago and once I turned it on I saw weird black face on a screen moving around, from side to side sometimes up and down. I tried to restart it and factory reset it multiple times, nothing helpes and this black face on screen always comes up time and time again. And when I make phone calls with this phone, I hear other people's voices just before a person I am calling answers, sometimes after I hang up which is odd. Of course these voices get stuck in my head and they tell me all kinds of horrible stuff too, like "do you know why you are here" or "don't go to sleep just yet" and then I look at the phone screen and black face appears and starts smirking like it is mocking me like wtf, what's happening with this phone? Should I upgrade to Android 13?

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            • Anonymous
            • 3xr
            • 17 Jun 2022

            a6gsma, 16 Jun 2022I'm looking to upgrade my almost 5-year-old Oneplus 5T... moreI think you should wait for the pixel 7.
            Also, the price of the Pixel 6 Pro will be lowered too.

              I'm looking to upgrade my almost 5-year-old Oneplus 5T. Should I go with Pixel 6 Pro, or maybe wait for Pixel 7 Pro or one of the upcomming Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Plus smartphones?

                Why there is no camera samples for pixel 6 pro in the photo compare section?

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                  • Starofmylife
                  • xxw
                  • 13 Jun 2022

                  patxtra, 13 Jun 2022is the battery life up to your standards?I would say definitely yes. It gets me through a full day on a single charge. Sometimes more! depends if i don't game much. Its design really got me, It's so beautiful.

                    Starofmylife, 12 Jun 2022Absolutely, stunning-looking phone! It's a fantastic d... moreis the battery life up to your standards?

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                      • Starofmylife
                      • xxw
                      • 12 Jun 2022

                      Absolutely, stunning-looking phone! It's a fantastic device in every aspect for its price. That voice dictation tho is mind-blowing. Loving mine so far :)

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                        • Don Furious
                        • 5yA
                        • 12 Jun 2022

                        I finally bite bullet yes and get new pixel 6 pro yes and I like phone so far but I rubbed into issue where neon dobros F hole twang will not help me climax yes it is very unhappy for me cause old phone not same issue no. Thinking of giving staff at convection centre rude awakening yes they sell me phone even though fixed income and just coming from island of st croix little money but yes why sell me phone too unlucky for me I guess yes wait where is dog?

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                          • Skip Passover
                          • ysE
                          • 10 Jun 2022

                          [deleted post]I’ve had this issue before but not with this device… it was with the apple hemiquad shifter in a panama jail on a dewy august night which attributed to the gooey screen. Now let me tell you about the fix is that everyone on here is saying “this phone is Mexican” but in reality it is American as grandpa watching yogi bear. Think about it kid, but don’t ask the postman.

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                            • MaineBob
                            • IYm
                            • 09 Jun 2022

                            TXFive2, 08 Jun 2022I got the Pixel 6 Pro 6 months ago, it has not measured up ... moreI have had a different experience moving from Pixel 4a to the Pixel 6 pro. I love the pro... few problems initially... I may go a week without rebooting... takes great pictures... I wouldn't go back.

                              I got the Pixel 6 Pro 6 months ago, it has not measured up to my old Pixel 4 XL. I have to restart the 6 Pro often as it will not open web pages, it just hangs. The Pixel XL was very reliable and measured up. I would trade down to Pixel 4 XL over this Pixel 6 Pro, just saying.

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                                • Pixel Pissed.
                                • pw1
                                • 07 Jun 2022

                                Had my phone less than a month and it constantly crashes. Screen goes all funny then it dies. Pissed off.

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                                  • dQX
                                  • 07 Jun 2022

                                  The latest update has killed the ability to play games that I had been playing since getting the phone, people pay good money for these phones

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                                    • StU
                                    • 07 Jun 2022

                                    [deleted post]sounds like you are doing more whackies than snackies .... sticky boy

                                      kannam, 25 May 2022Google Pixel 6 Pro . update. excellent services . 1). ... moreno dual sim you're wrong
                                      sim and esim

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                                        • qZ@
                                        • 03 Jun 2022

                                        Anonymous, 27 May 2022could anybody suggest influencers on Instagram that regular... moreNo phone on earth enables "native image quality", if you're trying to compare to professional cameras. They all use the technique of putting very small sensors in the phone (because they have no room for large sensors) and making up for the low quality of the "native" photo by using industry leading A.I. post-processing algorithms on top of it.