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I was looking at a gringo youtuber and he filtered the possible prices of the 8 pro, the 128 again! part of 1099, shameful if Google pretends that someone is going to buy a hot exynos and so little storage for 1099, don't even think about the 256 that starts from the 1200 shame if googoe makes these prices official taking into account the disadvantages they have such as the load Quick, I hope it is at least 45w at least!!

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    • JQ1
    • 09 Sep 2023

    Yong Farlight84, 07 Sep 2023How I wish the hardware of Oppo Find X6 pro had Google Pixe... moreSD 8 gen 2 by 2027?

      Super Android 22, 08 Sep 2023You're brave wanting pixel software on any phone, one ... moreI have Oppo Find X5 too. But the problem with BBK & almost all OEMs is software updates that just break the phones bit by bit.

      If you buy a new phone just Never update it's kinda crippling, if the software is not polished enough on the first day just don't buy, the way Nothing releases a phone with half baked software & requires update apon purchase.

      Google allows bootloader unlocking and escaping the deteriorating software updates & move to Custom ROMs you can Develop yourself & maintain, but most all OEMs especially BBK don't want that meaning you don't really own the phone despite it's superb hardware quality which Google lacks with their mediocre cooling system, slow 27W 2h charging, the lack of superior TSMC snapdragon chipsets, unreliable network...

      So my Oppo Find X5 with Samsung fab Snapdragon 888 I can Never update the software or the thermal guards Oppo has put will go 🤯 currently running fine now because it's not updated. Buying the Pixel 8 pro I will immediately install Graphene or Evolution X right away & escape the deteriorating software downgrade after downgrade

        Yekiasz, 08 Sep 202327w charging it must joke takes about 90 minutes to fully chargeGoogle's 27W 😢 & 24W😢 almost takes 2 hours to charge the phone so frustrating.

        You play a power draining game at full graphics, drain the phone & battery anxiety another 2 hours 4 hours a day spent on charging a phone.

        So frustrating 😡🤬🤬

          Hopefully, the alleged rumours about wired video output support are official for Pixel's upcoming new phone. There's absolutely no reason why Google cannot give it in the first place, especially when Sony and Vivo can do it despite not developing their custom Desktop Mode feature. Even Xiaomi finally embraced wired video output with the 13 Ultra. It has been long overdue enough for the Pixel.

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            • Moonhorn
            • YP6
            • 08 Sep 2023

            Yong Farlight84, 07 Sep 2023How I wish the hardware of Oppo Find X6 pro had Google Pixe... moreReally? The only thing that I love about my pixel 6 pro over the last 2 years has been the software. It has held out well and I haven't had any major issues. Apart from overheating issues while taking longer than 15 min videos and the obvious lack of fast charging. I really do like this phone.

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              • Yekiasz
              • S3J
              • 08 Sep 2023

              27w charging it must joke takes about 90 minutes to fully charge

                Yong Farlight84, 07 Sep 2023How I wish the hardware of Oppo Find X6 pro had Google Pixe... moreYou're brave wanting pixel software on any phone, one of the worst experiences on android ive ever had, frustrating with setting placements and UI design decisions. Software updates broke the phone more and more, never really fixed anything including poor app performance even with google apps.

                Just felt so unoptimised and purposefully awkward to use, went from a pixel 6 pro to an oppo find x5, i still have the find x5 and i will NEVER go back to a pixel after this (on top of the terrible hardware consistency and defects aswell, was happy to get rid of the device).

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                  • Will
                  • qaZ
                  • 08 Sep 2023

                  Anonymous, 07 Sep 2023but too bad pixel hardware is not reliable at all. Ill be s... moreI've had my pixel 6 pro for just about two years and it's holding up and working flawlessly.

                    How I wish the hardware of Oppo Find X6 pro had Google Pixel 8 pro Software.

                    I guess you cannot have the best of both worlds. But I value Hardware quality more than Software.

                    That's what made OnePlus a niche segment Good hardware Good custom ROM "Evolution X & Pixel experience." But decided to look their bootloader just like Opplus lost their niche.

                    We will wait for Pixel 12 series when it will have good hardware;
                    -faster charging 65W minimum not 27W
                    -good liquid cooling system
                    -snapdragon chipset SD 8 Gen 2 not Tensornoss
                    -IR more useful not thermometer
                    -reliable network & battery life faster charging at least compensates

                    Hardware Just like Oppo's flagships 🤞

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                      • IWU
                      • 07 Sep 2023

                      justasmile, 06 Sep 2023Watch out Apple, a phone is going to receive 5 years of and... morebut too bad pixel hardware is not reliable at all. Ill be surprised if this phone survived for 2 years,

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                        • j2e
                        • 07 Sep 2023

                        Mike, 07 Sep 2023No Ultrasonic reader, no buy in 2023Like you could afford to buy one demanding such features

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                          • Mx%
                          • 07 Sep 2023

                          No Ultrasonic reader, no buy in 2023

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                            • FJu
                            • 07 Sep 2023

                            Google Pixel, brought to you by Samsung...

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                              • RYg
                              • 07 Sep 2023

                              Still don't see the point of the temperature sensor. Pointless extra hardware. Now if it were a FLIR thermal camera, that would be cool...

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                                • Raziel
                                • sr4
                                • 07 Sep 2023

                                Fingerprint reader should be ultrasonic

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                                  • X%x
                                  • 07 Sep 2023

                                  Anonymous, 06 Sep 2023Can i fry eggs with the Tensor G3? If u like it half raw, yes.

                                    If they have gotten the tensor SoC sorted with stability now and with those specs it should be a pretty good phone, finally, and actually worth looking at. Yes its still basically a year behind BUT if its finally gotten good endurance out of these phones and gotten the most of out the matured cores and gpu it'll have very dependable performance.

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                                      • 6kH
                                      • 06 Sep 2023

                                      123, 06 Sep 2023GPU of MediaTek(Immortalis)arm gpu

                                        Kemizee, 06 Sep 2023No deisgn change?It is not exactly the same as the predecessor.