Google will reveal Stadia pricing, launch information, and announce titles soon

Back in March, Google unveiled a new cloud-based gaming platform called “Stadia”. The platform would be capable of running all kinds of games on high-capacity servers and “stream” the games directly to any device connected to a fast-enough internet connection.

A tweet from the official Google Stadia handle suggests that the platform is nearly ready to launch.

The platform is designed for game developers to create titles that wouldn’t need to be optimized for running on lower-end hardware, thus uncapping limitations on game developers’ hardware requirements. The platform will launch with its own Wi-Fi controller that connects directly to the internet to minimize latency.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about Stadia which we hope Google will clarify at this upcoming revelation of pricing and launch titles.

In its initial announcement, Google slated Stadia’s launch “later this year”. Perhaps Google will reveal all this information in time for the International Gaming Expo “E3”, which kicks off on June 11.

Via Twitter