Google's Pixel Tablet leaks on Facebook Marketplace

Ivan, 19 December 2022

The Google Pixel Tablet could finally be coming to buyers, or at least one of them. It made its way to Facebook Marketplace in the US along with the speaker docking station. The combo's price is $400, but we shouldn't take it as official.

Google Pixel Tablet 2023 on Facebook Marketplace
Google Pixel Tablet 2023 on Facebook Marketplace

Google teased the Pixel Tablet way back in May and later gave us a bit more information during the Pixel 7 event. We got further details in October. but since then, there really hasn't been any Pixel Tablet news.

The images from the rouge listing show off the tablet in the wild as well as the Pixel Launcher in tablet form. It looks to be the real deal as the wallpaper is akin to the Pixel 7 series' Feathers collection.

Specs-wise, the tablet has 256GB of storage, likely alongside 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and a Tensor chip (first or second gen). The battery of the unit is at 70% and shows a 16 hours estimate.

Google Pixel Tablet Google Pixel Tablet
Google Pixel Tablet

As for the Charging Speaker Dock, it will turn the Pixel Tablet into a big-screened Nest Hub (like the Nest Hub Max). The tablet hooks into the dock and becomes an always-on, always-listening Google Assistant. The dock "transforms your tablet from something that sits in your drawer to an integral part of your life", as Google itself put it.

Google Pixel Tablet docking station Google Pixel Tablet docking station
Google Pixel Tablet docking station

Now all that's left is for Google to unveil the Pixel Tablet.



Reader comments

I will probably get this tablet. what intrigues me is the LED display. maybe not higher quality than OLED, but if it breaks, it wont cost the same price as the tablet to get it repaired This is the reason my tab s6 has been sitting in a drawer for ...

its running the tablet version of android 13, which is like a merge between chrome os and android.

because its way cheaper for a competing product. Its competing with the likes of apple and samsung. and it can do those things. the competing models from other companies are much more expensive. devices From apple (256Gb ipad air 5 = $749, 256gb ipad...

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