HarmonyOS will officially launch in April, the Huawei Mate X2 will be the first to get it

Peter, 26 March 2021

Huawei started testing a third beta version of HarmonyOS earlier this month and it has another one on the way. This upcoming version will arrive on March 31 and it will be the final beta.

Today the company announced that a stable release is coming in April and that the foldable Mate X2 will be the first phone to receive it as an update. The phone launched with Android 10, but it will soon jump ship. And many other devices are expected to follow it.

HarmonyOS (stable) will launch in April, the Huawei Mate X2 will be the first to get it

The Huawei P50 phones were supposed to be the first to run Harmony out of the box. Though it was never officially confirmed, the new flagships were originally scheduled for a March reveal, presumably going on sale a bit later (enough to give the OS team time to put the finishing touches).

However, the latest information on the P50 series is that the announcement has been pushed back to May. By the time the P50s arrive, HarmonyOS will have been around for a month or two.

Huawei P50 (unofficial renders) Huawei P50 (unofficial renders) Huawei P50 (unofficial renders) Huawei P50 (unofficial renders)
Huawei P50 (unofficial renders)

Speaking of the P50 series, @HoilNDI has posted renders of the vanilla Huawei P50 (a couple of days ago the same leakster posted P50 Pro+ renders). The renders show a triple camera (no periscope lenses here, of course), what looks like a 3D ToF sensor and a flash, all spread out across the characteristic camera bump.

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Your first paragraph doesn't make much sense grammatically (and I was referring to the HarmonyOS beta emulator that the writer used in the so called "deep dive" - Not that I was suggesting that the actual OS runs Android emulator on re...

There you go with your pointless banter, trying to detract from the point of your denial of free speech. Nice one! Atleast it proves my point i guess, how desperate you are to try and cover up your denial.

  • Lohdjsjf
  • 30 Mar 2021
  • nmP

Whell u clearny havent used theyre new apps/ecosystem then its not at all that bad in the west. Also basicly the only app missing is youtube of wich u can use the web app off. All the other apps or give youa opsion to log in wih google like theyre em...

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