Honor 10

Honor 10

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  • Anonymous

This looks like another solid contender! I believe Huawei/Honor is really knocking it out the park in every category that matters...looks, performance, useful features, battery life and camera.

  • Chrsjns

Will this come in 2 forms like the huawei p20 and p20 pro....

  • Anonymous

I am thinking a view 10 but 10 is approaching,so i am in 深深的忧郁 now...

  • AnonD-751756

holly shit, if this phone has a 100% screen infront as the rumour says..its gonna sell like hot cakes..

  • AnonD-716026

The back of the phone looks very shiny

  • Anonymous

yes still have IR blaster

They just renamed huawei honor view 10 and slapped a glass back and smaller battery.
*insert can i copy your homework?* meme

  • Anonymous

OhRon7x, 10 Apr 2018Wish it could have a dedicated microSD slot. If possible, a... morei dont think they do that on the lower end devices... but the honor should have it i agree....

  • OhRon7x

Wish it could have a dedicated microSD slot. If possible, a water - resistant one.

For me P20 Pro is winner of mobile phone 2018 award for best phone, and noone and nothing will change it.

Of course the P20 if it's about the same price. The P20 got better cameras and screen. They are almost equals in the other caracteristics. It would be a good suprise if they announce it with 400$. For 500$ or more it won't be such a good deal for what it has to offer.

  • Anonymous

Cash, 10 Apr 2018This or p20?-Honor 10 Battery is 3500mAh instead of 3400mAh
-Performance the same but Honor has 6GB RAM and P20 4GB
-Honor can have SDCard up to 256Gb while P20 can´t have
-P20 has a better camera functions but they are same 20Mpx
the front camera on Honor 10 is just 8Mpx
-P20 has android 8.1(Oreo) which is improved and fixed version of 8.0(Oreo)
P20-EMUI 8.1 Honor 10-EMUI 8.0
The sound is better on P20
Honor 10 is cheaper by about 200€

  • AnonD-744048

Cash, 10 Apr 2018This or p20?This one.It seems that it wont have a notch.It will also be cheaper and has a better battery too.

  • Cash

This or p20?