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They just renamed huawei honor view 10 and slapped a glass back and smaller battery.
*insert can i copy your homework?* meme

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    • Anonymous
    • Sm7
    • 10 Apr 2018

    OhRon7x, 10 Apr 2018Wish it could have a dedicated microSD slot. If possible, a... morei dont think they do that on the lower end devices... but the honor should have it i agree....

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      • OhRon7x
      • sxs
      • 10 Apr 2018

      Wish it could have a dedicated microSD slot. If possible, a water - resistant one.

        For me P20 Pro is winner of mobile phone 2018 award for best phone, and noone and nothing will change it.

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          • ZouS
          • iLL
          • 10 Apr 2018

          Of course the P20 if it's about the same price. The P20 got better cameras and screen. They are almost equals in the other caracteristics. It would be a good suprise if they announce it with 400$. For 500$ or more it won't be such a good deal for what it has to offer.

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            • Anonymous
            • J5u
            • 10 Apr 2018

            Cash, 10 Apr 2018This or p20?-Honor 10 Battery is 3500mAh instead of 3400mAh
            -Performance the same but Honor has 6GB RAM and P20 4GB
            -Honor can have SDCard up to 256Gb while P20 can´t have
            -P20 has a better camera functions but they are same 20Mpx
            the front camera on Honor 10 is just 8Mpx
            -P20 has android 8.1(Oreo) which is improved and fixed version of 8.0(Oreo)
            P20-EMUI 8.1 Honor 10-EMUI 8.0
            The sound is better on P20
            Honor 10 is cheaper by about 200€

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              • AnonD-744048
              • mt0
              • 10 Apr 2018

              Cash, 10 Apr 2018This or p20?This one.It seems that it wont have a notch.It will also be cheaper and has a better battery too.

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                • Cash
                • nwU
                • 10 Apr 2018

                This or p20?