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  • Zeeshan

Hi i recently purchased 5X , at Huawei official website i found it is 2.0 Quick charge support mobile ,i tried it with 1.8 AMP charger but its not going above 1050 MAH/1AMP.. can anybody share thier experience regarding this issue?

  • Nizam Hossen

Has it otg?

  • Anointed

Mike , 25 Aug 2016I suggest huwawei p8 lite, Samsung depreciates fast Honor 5x blows all the phones in ur list in the water. You know why? 1080p crisp,good looking screen and 3000mAh battery for best battery life as well a decent processor and camera. You can't go wrong with the honor 5x. Anyone agrees?

  • Annointed

mt, 28 Aug 2016p9 lite or honor 5x?P9 lite but make I think p9 lite is in the Chinese model only

  • mt

p9 lite or honor 5x?

  • AnonD-576918

honor 5x or 7 or p9 lite ? help pls

  • Fair

Guys please help me,i bought my phone from UAE and it is KIW-L21,I did'nt find maskmellow update so i want to update L22 indian firmware.please suggest me it is possible or not,
Thank you in advance

  • AnonD-576039

AnonD-576918, 26 Aug 2016Hey guys ...pls help this phone or p9 lite (im not gamer) .... moreI actually heard the Honor 8 has been released two days ago, it has a faster processor!

  • AnonD-576039

ullu, 25 Aug 2016which camera is better honor 5x or samsung j7 2016?? and h... moreIt was tested that the Honor 5X and the J7 aren't it's best at low light, however I do recommend the Asus ZenFone 3 (very good photography details in any dark or bright areas) which will cost you a round of 300 bucks!

  • AnonD-576039

Syria, 25 Aug 2016dear Alana i already downloaded the required file ( 1.6 ... moreSyria, I think you should try the update and see what happens. You never know! Let me know how it goes.

  • AnonD-576918

Hey guys ...pls help this phone or p9 lite (im not gamer) ...for camera battery life etc?

  • Onejoner

I just updated my Honor 5x to marshmallow & EMUI 4, but the visitor's account option aint available anymore, also lots of cool features from EMUI 3.1 are missing..

  • Mike

Ashfaq, 17 Aug 2016Hello guys I need ur help and advise I'm about to buy a mid... moreI suggest huwawei p8 lite, Samsung depreciates fast

  • Mike

Ashwin, 24 Aug 2016I am confused which mobile to buy, Honor 5X or Lenovo A7000... moreI suggest Huawei Gr5

  • ullu

which camera is better honor 5x or samsung j7 2016??
and how is it in low light conditions??????

  • syria

SVN, 24 Aug 2016hicare software in ur handset there is the option available... morethank you for you response

but i checked it out and it doesnt show any available update my build number is


any other solutions ???

  • Syria

AnonD-576039, 24 Aug 2016https://store.hihonor.com/us/marshmallow-6-0-for-honor-5x ... moredear Alana

i already downloaded the required file ( 1.6 giga )
but my build number is KII-L21C185B140
and in the guide steps it was mentioned that this update for


should go on with the update process ???

  • SVN

Syria, 21 Aug 2016how can i upgrade into marshmallow plz?,..... should i wait... morehicare software in ur handset there is the option available to upgrade your mobile to marshmallow

  • AnonD-576039

AnonD-567527, 19 Aug 2016can i play injustice gods among us in this phone Yes, it works great with high end games such as Injustice Gods Among Us, along with others like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat!

  • AnonD-576039

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016How did you update it into Marshmallow? I have a problem wi... morehttps://store.hihonor.com/us/marshmallow-6-0-for-honor-5x

Huawei has released the Marshmellow update since June, get it now!
First before you do anything, plug your USB into your computer then go into your Phone's SD Card file and create a folder called "dload" (unless you already have a dload then theres no need to make another), and after you've installed the update file unto your computer, drag and drop the file into the dload folder (this will take a while to get transferred). Once you've transferred the file into your SD card, go into your phone and update it from there! The purpose of the dload is because the updater requires it.