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  • vsp-Baroda

Honor 6 H 60-L04 has some manufacturing /software problem. After certain interval( 2 years and 6 month around) of time motherboard creating problem. Your mobile stops working when not in charging. In my group I have seen 2 mobile with same problem more over local service station also confirms lots of mobile in this model has same problem. And changing the motherboard will cost you INR. 9000/=. I suggest the buyer not to go with this brand who has no customer support.

  • ModeFX

AnonD-700219, 13 Sep 2017Is that his internal storage is 16 GB or less as the time I... moreActually 16 GB, thats due because the file system is unknown, go to settings and boom 16 gb

  • Phanindra

Worst service ever. Please don't Huawei its my serious suggestion after using 3years of my honor 6. These companies phones are just use and throw type if you go for service centre for battery replacement you should wait at least 1 month to get new battery.

  • Wiz mill

sandokan, 30 Sep 2017Does Honor 6 support quick charge?Yup it does

  • Wiz mill

srk, 19 Oct 2017Only battery problem;have to replace yearlyYou said yearly, so I think that's fair enough

  • Wiz mill

I love the phone. Is just great at any task you throw at it. I have try everything possible to find a place it will be lacking behind but to my surprise the hauwei honor 6 is just telling me bring it on man I am more then you think 💭. All in all if you want to buy a quality high performance phone just go for the Huawei honor 6 its super great. The only little problem is the battery life but still it can last you well enough to carry out all your task and with remaining to through the day. Winks 😉 winks 😉 am madly in love with this phone right now am feeling like this is my best investment on smartphone.

  • ilmie

Mine also had to replace battery... Auto shut off... Adter replace... It seem ok...

  • AnonD-589733

Me also. Just changed battery few days ago. Not great backup now.

  • srk

Only battery problem;have to replace yearly

  • Faby

I would like to know if this Huawei supports HML?

  • AnonD-706218

JohnT, 17 Aug 2017First impression: appears very good value for money spec-wi... moreSame problem found in my mobile. Any suggestions

  • sandokan

Does Honor 6 support quick charge?

  • sallam

AnonD-700219, 13 Sep 2017Is that his internal storage is 16 GB or less as the time I... morepart on internal storge is used for the system

  • AnonD-700219

Is that his internal storage is 16 GB or less as the time I bought the Mobile till now & his internal storage are 11.75 GB not 16 GB

  • ambu

cee, 06 May 2017While using my Honor 6 (more than a year old), suddenly it ... moreit is a problem due to battery. get it to a good service center they will repair your phone battery circuit for you. no need to change battery

  • JohnT

First impression: appears very good value for money spec-wise.

Very unreliable. Would randomly restart itself (not updates) throughout the 2 years I had the Honor 6. Eventually got so bad it would turn itself off and not turn back on until plugged into a charge source (battery had adequate charge).
Tried to do the phone's stock factory reset, only for the phone to "brick" itself.
Have found through looking online this seems to be a common fault.

  • MyDeSTiNaTe

Ehab Mohammed, 08 Aug 2017i have one of version h60-l04 it`s very good but has no upd... moreHi, H60-L04 will not receive any further update after EMUI 4.0.1. It has been updated from Kit Kat to Lolipop then Marshmallow. EMUI 2.3->3.0->3.1->4.0->4.0.1, I guess myself is quite satisfied with the software support from Huawei.

  • MyDeSTiNaTe

AnonD-322601, 18 May 2017Using this phone 2 & half year, still working great, an... moreSetting SD card (at least class 10 is recommended) as default storage after a factory reset should help.

  • Ehab Mohammed

i have one of version h60-l04 it`s very good but has no update
if any one know how to update i will be gratefull

  • Suneel45

savio, 16 Jun 2016Only battery is a problem. I used my phone for 16 months w... morewhat is the price of the replacement battery?