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This phone is so underrated. Just find out it exists. This with an oled display +5g would be killer

    Fullstop., 23 Jun 2020Honor is a brand for outside China Love to know how you came to that conclusion? New Huawei phones or their sub brands generally now are not for outside China as they lack Google Play Services, though Im not sure if that's much of an issue in Eastern countries as they have their own App stores and Apps.. Honor is the budget version. Just like Redmi is for Xiaomi where Mi is high end.

      It's a surprise to see dual camera setup again in 2020. But that said, I'm glad Honor went for wide and telephoto camera setup. I always value having a telephoto camera that can allow me to go far without stepping forward. Plus, 3x zoom is definitely the right sweet spot.

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        • Fullstop.
        • NvE
        • 23 Jun 2020

        Honor is a brand for outside China

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          • Anonymous
          • kk0
          • 15 Jun 2020

          This phone if it had google would absolutely compete with the SE 2. Think about it. Flagship chip inside a budget phone. 4K 60 FPS but this has 960 FPS option. It has awesome camera hardware, large battery, and the internals are great too! In fact if it had google this could easily compare against the Some flagships! Sadly there is no GMS, and so Westerners like us simply can’t use it.

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            • Amjad ali
            • 7Pw
            • 13 Jun 2020

            It will not be available outside of china so don't exite

              Dennis.K, 10 Jun 2020These "2 cameras in 2020" are better than other camras midr... moreYour right and it even has ois on the camera which we don't see in midrange phone's now a days

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                • MIKNELL
                • r3a
                • 11 Jun 2020

                Dennis.K, 10 Jun 2020These "2 cameras in 2020" are better than other camras midr... moreDennis K! The tech Encyclopedia ✨

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                  • Anonymous
                  • r39
                  • 11 Jun 2020

                  The only downside is the ips display
                  I'd prefer an amoled panel

                    RishadEH, 10 Jun 20202 camera's in 2020? But can't complain with flagship chips... moreThese "2 cameras in 2020" are better than other camras midrangers offer with this puce poimt out with the borimg wide+ultrawide+2 useless sensors and in with 2 flagship grade cameras, the large 40MP RYYB sensor which is better tham any at this price and 3x telephoto with OIS, not to forget , 4K60 and 4K selfie video

                      2 camera's in 2020?
                      But can't complain with flagship chipset and a low price.
                      But still I would want a headphone jack.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nCJ
                        • 10 Jun 2020

                        Honor play 4T pro with Kirin 810 have Amoled
                        & this with Kirin 990 have Ips ???!!!!!!!!

                          This phone is well!best experience with 360€

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                            • Anonymous
                            • tDQ
                            • 08 Jun 2020

                            nice thermometer infrared

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                              • Ashutosh
                              • PGS
                              • 07 Jun 2020

                              So they have integrated a infrared thermometer in this!

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                                • Anon
                                • n{i
                                • 06 Jun 2020

                                Compared to my samsung galaxy a9(2018) this is hardly an upgrade or even an update like this cant be something they would call a good product when a 2018 phone can be compared to it and have a 50/50 chance of winning

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XVq
                                  • 04 Jun 2020

                                  Zain Hatter, 04 Jun 2020It would be great if they extend the battery size, putting ... moreBuy Realme X2 Pro then

                                    60hz LCD? No thanks.

                                      AhmedSLL, 03 Jun 2020Since they couldn't fit 3D face unlock sensors at this pric... moreMany people do enjoy ultrawide selfies you know, you've even seen the people praising google pixel 3 xl for having that (and I'd definitele enjoy 4K EIS video at this price point